Sunday, September 26, 2010

Celebrating Hot Water And Cool Cups - - Part Two

I can drink it morning, noon and night - every day of the year.
I'm allergic to coffee, sensitive to tea and hot chocolate is addictive.

Coffee gives me a rash and makes my face all flushed and itchy.
Tea makes me feel wobbly,
as if I'm walking around wearing someone else's prescription glasses.
Hot chocolate gives me the shakes and puts me on a week-long sugar binge!
Water just makes me pee.

(Raw food desserts: Macaroons and Chocolate-thingies.
Sorry, forgot their proper names.)

To make drinking water even more exciting and fun, (if that's even possible!)
I collect cups -
Pretty cups, unusual cups, funny cups, weird cups.

While standing in line at the store waiting to pay for this cup,
a young lady standing behind me asked excitedly, "Is that really true?!"
(OK, I know you're gonna want to check that out, but please come back!:)

Every once-in-awhile, I like a little bit of 'bling'.

Yes, I know it's a kids cup -
Maybe even for rinsing after teeth-brushing, but I don't care.
If it makes me happy, it's mine! (And I'm a big fan of monkeys.)

Ever have one of those days?

It's not easy being cheesy.

I need sunglasses with this bad-boy.

Haven't been to Vegas in awhile.
I miss Las Vegas.
I miss the old slot machines.
I miss my money.

This is my old stand-by.
It has a mouth-print like my favorite chair has a butt-print.

For the days I'm so 'happy, happy, happy'!

Not so much.

Back out of the room...

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  1. Oh Gabrielle- You are a funny girl. My father was a hot water drinker too. But he was old and achy-I didn't expect it from YOU;>) lol He would also drink hot water with a shake of ginger in it...said it helped with the achiness he had.

    I love the cups. That cheezy one would be the prefect gag gift for my daughter. She hates the Flamingo (0r so she says..and now has a collection that I have graced her with)...she shoulda kept her mouth

    That last one is a scary looking devil-I don't think I'd want to drink out of HIM...but meeting him might make ME pee too! Hugs- Diana

  2. hi gabriele! i added a link to the picture of the cake you were asking about - you can click and it should take you to the post.

    i love all your mugs, and the captions had me giggling.=) have you ever painted your own mug? i'm guessing you could at those pottery places. funny, you commented at my blog while i was here commenting on yours! (i got sidetracked before i hit send googling places for me to paint some pottery!=)

  3. I love that! I add lemon to my hot water, and drink it constantly during flu season.

  4. I had a mug with Paris scenes on it like yours. I had it broken by a student at school. I miss that zany mug. I love your collection.

  5. oh love the cuppas.
    i collected them too and finally paired down (aka sold over 500 of them).
    but i am working on building a new collection real slow. only up to around 25 right now.

  6. Hot water??? Well, I'll give it a try since it has no side effects, easy to fix and darn cheap. If I can't handle it straight like you, might try it with ginger or lemon as others have.
    Love your mugs.

  7. Gabriele, I have a food blog too, where I talk about being sane with food, going back to real food, simply prepared. Raw food should be our first choice!

  8. That teapot is so so nice; just love it. I am a green tea drinker and lover.
    Have a nice week.

  9. Looove, love looooove the cups :)) especialy the one with the monkeys :)) it's so cute :) for a little fun in our lives ;)

    And the Vegas cup is so funny :)

    Annnd can't wait for you to take my pictures and make scarves :))

    Have fun with it!


  10. Not sure if I could choke that down to be honest:) But you sure have some cute cups. I am following you back, glad you found my blog, yours looks equally as fun and interesting....see you soon. Debbie

  11. My daughter drinks hot water too, always had since she was a little girl. How funny. Love all of your cups, they are so fun. Thanks for your visit and following. I really appreciate your gracious comments too. I am so happy to meet you, and will be following also. Hugs, Marty

  12. Hi, thanks for visiting me and glad you'll be coming back to check out my goodies.
    I love these mugs. I really believe that anything tastes better in a fancy schmancy container:-) I drink water all day long, but have never tried it hot, always room for new ideas. I also think your food looks great. I need to drop about 20 pounds....will be joining you so I can get some yummy ideas.

  13. Hot water? Really? Do you squeeze a little lemon? Your mug collection is fun. I especially like the monkey mug. Thanks for following me. Glad I found you too....I'm your newest follower.

  14. What a great collection. I need a mug with bling, and my husband needs one of those self-cleaning mugs! Fun post! laurire

  15. I love the "reality check" cup! I'll have to give got water a try ... after my coffee, maybe. Gotta have the java!

  16. What a great collection of fun mugs! Thanks for the sweet comment and electing to become a follower.

  17. I have a lot of cups, but yours are more interesting than mine and more fun! I can't really imagine the hot water thing. I'm a tea drinker. I like coffee and some days I allow myself 1 cup, but it doesn't like me much. Hot chocolate...too sweet!

    Thanks for your sweet comment and visit...I'm glad to get to "know" you!

  18. Hmm... hot water. It can't be anything but GOOD for you... Makes sense... I still would probably put some coffee in it.

    I love to look at fun cups and mugs too. I don't have a lot of them, but I like them.
    My favorite of yours is the reality check one.

    And I giggled about have a lip print on a cup like a butt print on a chair. I love laughter. Thanks for bringing it in this post!

  19. I like a little apple cider vinegar in warm water.

    Excellent cup collection, the blingy one is a good idea for my wedding ring. I'm divorced and now I have a good use for it!

  20. Hey Missy Gabriele!
    Love your cool collection of cups! The 'back out of the room now' cracked me up and I love the Flamingo and Bling cups. Using the different cups is a good way to let your family gauge just what kind of mood you are in - run and hide or yes, I am approachable at the moment, lol.

    I had my first cup of hot water and it will take some getting used to. I'm a coffee lover so I will have to go through a weaning process :p I have a tree full of Key limes bursting with juice so I will try adding that to my cuppa hot stuff! Vitamin C can't hurt!

    Love your funny blogs, honey! Keep 'em coming!

  21. Lovely cups!
    I need my cups to have strong black coffee in them and if that part is taken care of, I will even drink it from styrofoam, but then again, I'm an animal.

  22. The photo at the top is delightful; inspiring.

    I find I can drink certain things out of certain cups / mugs and if I drink that same drink from the 'wrong' mug, it doesn't taste anywhere near as good. For instance, I could drink water and enjoy it from your half mug but probably wouldn't think it tasted anywhere near as nice in the flamingo one.


  23. hi gabriel..i always am happy to get a notice from you... letting me know that you have more pictures and funny quips up on your blog.. they make me laugh and at the same time such good info! keep em comin! everything looks yummy.your grandkids are sooo cute! love you! pam