Sunday, May 16, 2010

Celebrating Hot Water And Cool Cups - - Part One

Hot water is my drink of choice. I love it.
I can drink it morning, noon and night, every day of the year.
I'm allergic to coffee, sensitive to tea and hot chocolate is addictive.
Coffee gives me a rash and makes my face all flushed and itchy.
Tea makes me feel wobbly, as if I'm walking around wearing someone else's glasses.
Hot Chocolate gives me the shakes and puts me on a week-long sugar binge!
Water just makes me pee.

(Raw-food desserts: Macaroons and Chocolate-thingies. Sorry, forgot the proper name.)

To make drinking water even MORE exciting and fun (if that's even POSSIBLE!) - I collect cups.
Pretty cups, unusual cups, funny cups, weird cups.

When I saw this one in the store, I did the embarrassing 'laugh 'n snort'!
(Don't you hate that?!)
You know that saying "A deer caught in the headlights"?
Well... here's the cat version.

She looks great from behind as well. (Every woman's dream.)

This one is very bomp-de-bomp, for when I'm feeling ever so fancy.

This one is for when I'm wayyy too full of myself.

This one is called "Splitting Headache". Need I say more?

Here's one for when I'm feeling like crap and don't care about anything.

Here's one that reminds me of winter, when we lived in Pennsylvania in the 70s.
Good grief!!
Now that I look at it, I think we had this table-setting then!
And it's STILL b-o-r-i-n-g.

Now this is FUN!!
I like to pull this out when I've made some fancy-schmancy raw-food desserts!

This one is perfect for when I'm watching "Grey's Anatomy". Seriously.

This one reminds me of something too -
Wait... I think I've got it... a dress I wore... when I was maybe FIVE?!
My adult children always tell me that I never throw anything away,
(unless I'll need it the next week!) so I probably still have it somewhere.

This soup-bowl-sized one is definitely NOT to be used before a long drive!

Speaking of 'long drives' -
I'm still in Georgia, after our awesome road trip.
I'll be flying back to California soon, with my seven and five year old grandkids in tow!
(To all those people in seats close to ours - please be kind!!)

When we get to my house (and Grampa finally stops hugging them!)
we'll be eating healthy, raw-food for two weeks.
I do it all the time, (except on road trips:) but they don't.
I'll have them help with the preparation of the meals.
Kids tend to like things more, if they've helped to make them.
(I'm hoping!)
And it makes for great photographs!
I see a future post.

If any of you are wondering where Mel-Mel is -

She's in 'time-out'.
Don't ask.

Signing off for now,


  1. Gabriele .. you are such a delight! You just crack me up. You take normal everyday things like your mugs/cups and make them entertaining and humorous with your gift for words. Your blog always brightens my day!
    luny from COC

  2. Thank you, luny!
    I appreciate your kind words!

    A big hug to you,