Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Smoothies, Gojis, Ice Cream And Donuts. Yum!

As most of you know, I'm all about eating healthy. Well, sometimes that thought goes right out the window.
During Thanksgiving (after the pies were all gone!) somebody had the bright idea of going to a famous, local donut shop, for a "bucket" of donuts. I kid you not. Did I protest? Yeah, right!!

Told ya!

Everyone ran to pick their favorite one. I cannot tell a lie... I did too!

Here ya go, Dude. How about a donut as big as your head?! ( Kids on a sugar-rush! We all paid the price later!!)

The oldest grandbrat picked one that looked like a creepy guy, with a stake in his chest.
Her sister wasn't feeling well, so there are no photos of her. She did, however, grab a donut and run. :)

I have to admit, writing this post right now and looking at these photos... well... makes me want a dang donut!!!!

The little one liked hers too.

A lot.

She also likes playing with food.

Like tiny pieces of a toy pizza.

As it turns out, she loves Goji Berries. Loves them! It started out as a game, because I was trying to get her to eat something healthy.

I'd lay them out in a line and she'd pick them up, one by one and shove them in her mouth.

And there they are.

I also showed her big sister how to make healthy ice cream, from frozen fruit.

Big brother knows how to do it too now.

And here's she is... the food critic. It was a big hit!!

But what she reeeally loves are my green smoothies!!

Daddy's fruit smoothie... not so much. ~

There are SO many things to love!
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Thank you.

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