Sunday, October 3, 2010

Green Smoothies

I love green-smoothies.
I have one for breakfast every morning.
They're full of vitamins, enzymes, minerals, antioxidants and chlorophyll.
I'm not a morning person, but these puppies give me a ton of energy
to start my day!
I'm not even hungry until past noon! (The time I'd like to get up.)

I vary the greens and fruits.
On this day, I used some Red Chard, Collards, Spinach, Celery and Parsley.
I try to use only organic produce and fruit, whenever possible.
I also add two - three cups of water.
(Make sure your blender jar is large enough to hold all of that.)

I only use one or two Collard leaves, because they have a strong flavor.
I also remove the tough stem. I just slide the leaf off.

I use one piece of fruit, when making green-smoothies for myself,
because I don't like them too sweet.
But when I make them for our grandchildren, (or my husband :)
or anyone trying them for the first time, I add another piece.
Maybe even a date, for extra sweetness.

Everything gets a good bath, before it goes into the blender.

I make sure to cut off the 'organic' stickers. Sometimes there are two, or three.
I like knowing that it's organic, but I'm not a fan of eating the dang stickers.
(It happens.)

I also add two - three tablespoons of Goji Berries and Hemp Seeds.
I switch off using the Hemp Seeds with Chia Seeds and Sesame Seeds.
I read that it's important not to eat the same thing every day,
so as not to get allergies to that certain food.
With the many food allergies I've had most of my life -
I'm not about to try to prove them wrong!
(But I think chocolate should be exempt.)

I have great knives, a good cutting board, and a fabulous Sous Chef!
But I just tear the greens and shove them into the blender.
I'm all about making it as easy and fast as possible.
("Iron Chef"- I'm not.)

I use the BlendTec blender and it's a real work-horse!
Here are some stats:
Commercial-quality, 1,560-watt, 3 horse-power motor !!
Pre-programmed blending cycles, digital touch-pad controls,
auto shut-off. And much more -
which I'm too lazy to type.

On those rare occasions it tastes a little nasty, here's a trick -
I add a peeled and diced lemon!
I leave on the white part - the pith. It's full of healthy stuff.
This time I do cut the lemon, because it will bounce around, otherwise.

Heeere it is -
A healthy way to start the day!!
And give you energy throughout the day!!

Not just for adults...

Even our granddaughter likes them!
(She sometimes uses a straw. Pink, of course.)

And our grandson!
(But I have to admit, he likes his sweet, sweet, sweet!!)

Even our newest granddaughter likes them!
(That was her first time trying a green-smoothie,
and she kept reaching for more!)

If you'd like to try green-smoothies, and I hope you do,
I'd like to suggest this fabulous book, by Victoria Boutenko.
You can find it - and a slew of her other books and DVDs -
on her website: Raw Family.

I leave you with these words of wisdom:

"Think of nourishing the body rather than eating."
- Ann Wigmore

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  1. you have such adorable and lovely grandchildren! jf their faces are any indication, the green smoothie is certainly worth trying!

  2. Thank you, Angella!
    I wanted to add a photo of our seventeen year old granddaughter too, but couldn't find one appropriate for this post.
    I mean, at seventeen, they tend not to want to pose with a green mustache. I don't know why. :)
    I do hope you'll give green-smoothies a try!
    Thanks for your comment!

  3. I mean I love ya, Gabriele...and the Lord loves ya...and those kids are cuter than buttons with those green mustaches..but Lord help me...I am NOT drinking that! And..the part where you said if it tastes nasty...add lemon...just give me the lemon, mmkay?

    But-we ARE still friends, right? Cuz ya know I love ya! xxoo Diana

  4. Ohhhhh... a stab to the heart!!
    OK! Fine! Have the lemon!!
    But without sugar. (Ha-ha-ha-ha-haaa-ha!)
    Yeah - still friends, Diana. :)

  5. I do love your sous chef and your taters; perfect. That green smoothy is to die for; what a great combination of healty food. I would love to try this; you're good!

  6. I don't have those ingredients but know a friend who has. Hopefully I can talk them into making me some also.

  7. Rita,
    Thanks for the compliments. :)
    I hope you do try the green smoothie!
    Let me know how it makes you feel !
    Thanks for commenting.

  8. Patti,
    I hope your friend shared a green-smoothie with you!
    Let me know how you liked it.
    If you didn't, maybe it wasn't sweet enough for you.
    Healthy stuff!!
    Thanks for commenting.

  9. Hello :)

    what a green color!! Too bad i don't like green ;) i'd rather have sausages(if you know what i mean) ;))

    Greatings from Croatia ;))


  10. Hey Gabriele!
    I was here last night and couldn't get my profile link to work (my error)so I'm trying again!
    I wish I could do the raw food thing because I know I would like it. I wanted to ask where you get your food from... locally? Online? We live in such a podunk town it's hard to find things like that.

    I LOVE your pictures - they are always so colorful and well done and sometimes they are downright funny! Love your blog!
    hugs, luny

  11. Yes, Tihana! I do know what you mean!
    There's nothing that smells as good as the sausage, cabbage & onion dish my husband used to make for us!!
    Now, when he makes it for himself, I stand behind him and take deep sniffs! Like smokers follow someone who is smoking, after they, themselves, have quit!!
    Ahhh, the good old days. :)
    A big hug to you in Croatia!

  12. Hi luny,
    Glad to see ya!
    Yes, I get my food locally, from my favorite store.
    We have a Farmers Market here on Sundays, but I like to be a lazy-bum on that day. The last thing I want to do is get dressed and go shopping!
    For a few of the packaged items, I go online.
    The biggest surprise is that almost any hard-to-find item...
    can be found on!! And to think they used to be all books.
    Thanks for the nice compliments! I love your blog too!!
    You're such a talented clay-artist! (And hysterically funny!!)

  13. Great array of fruits and veg! I have a BlendTec blender too and I LOVE it. I admit I use more fruit than you do but, as my mom says, "As long as it gets the greens in ya, that's what matters"
    Thanks gabriele and keep those posts coming!

  14. Hi D.
    Glad to hear you use a BlendTec blender too.
    And your mom makes a good point!!
    Whatever it takes!
    Thanks for commenting.

  15. wonderful post! (i somehow missed it)

    love that your grandkiddies drink the green smoothies!


  16. Hi kelli,
    Thanks for the compliment.
    My granddaughter would get me out of bed in the mornings, asking for a green-smoothie!
    Love that!!

  17. Yum! I have been making these with socal cleanese's soomthie mix, they give me sooo much energy. Loved reading this for ways to spice them up!

  18. I started drinking green smoothies July 19, 2010 and have not missed a day! They have turned my life around - I am so energized.

    I love this post that you did about green smoothies. I am going to link to it from my blog - I hope that is OK as I am new at all this blog stuff - because it is an excellent explanation to those asking questions about Green Smoothies. People have noticed my transformation as a result of drinking green smoothies, and playing with the raw side of food (I am so almost there!!)and I know they will enjoy this post as well as your whole blog.

    I have spent a long time browsing your blog and I love it!

    I am a follower!


  19. Kathy D, Good for you, for drinking green-smoothies!!
    They wonderful!
    Thank you for your kind words about my blog! They are very much appreciated! And thank you for adding my link to your blog - and for becoming a Follower!!
    Please let me know how you're doing with the raw food.
    Or, write a post on your blog. I'm a Follower too! :)

  20. robin, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment!
    I'm glad you enjoyed my post.
    Isn't it amazing how much energy those green-smoothies give us?!
    So glad you're having them!!