Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Finished Oil Painting

As some of you know, I began oil painting again, after only painting on silk for the last 12 years.
And I fell in love with it all over again! Hello, old friend!! 
I took a ton of photographs, trying to get at least a few good ones, for this post.
I do believe this is the one that most resembles the actual painting.
I think.

Or maybe it's closer to this one.
Not sure.

I know it's not this one.
But I kinda like it.
I guess the actual colors in my painting are somewhere between all three of these photos.

I have three cameras. All three were used. The painting was photographed outside in the shade, in the sun, laying down, tilted and straight-up.
It was also photographed inside my studio, in the kitchen, under a light-source, with natural light.
None of the photographs are spot-on. Not because I didn't try! I wore myself out, trying!
I can honestly say that the hardest part of my painting experience was not the actual painting-process itself, but trying to take a decent photo of it!! Grrrrrrr!!
There has got to be a trick to this! Besides paying a photographer thirty-five bucks per painting!! (Although, that doesn't sound too bad, right about now!)

Here are my cameras -
This little guy took picture #1.

This one took picture #2.

And this one, my most expensive camera, took the worst picture... picture #3.
I didn't set out to buy all Canon cameras. How'd that happen?!

I've started another painting and I'm having a ball! But, I'm already getting that uneasy feeling about the photography-session that looms ahead. (Heeelp meeee!!)

To my new friends, if you'd like to see this painting in progress, in my studio, please peek here;

By the way... how are you guys liking the new Blogger set-up? Yikes!! Another learning curve!! Just what I needed!
I'm trying to figure it out and it's not too easy, is it? What's that old saying, "Why fix it if it aint' broke?"

I'm almost afraid to push the "Publish" button. :)

There are SO many things to love!
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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Oil Painting Again - And Loving It!

As some of you know, for the last twelve years I've painted on silk - for accessories & apparel.
Well, this little painting in an old book, got me wanting to paint with oils again!
I loved the simplicity and the monotone colors. I thought, "I can do this!".

So engrossed with art was I, that I couldn't wait to go to the Norton Simon Museum with my fabulous artist friend, Linda Walker. (I'm a huge fan of the gift shop/book store too.)

And this sculpture. Is it my imagination, or is he checkin' out her boobs?

Another look at the painting that enticed and inspired me.

So... could someone please tell me why this is the subject-matter I chose to paint?!!
I actually know why. It's because of the colors. I love colors! Even when painting on silk, I love bright, jewel-toned colors.

OK. Time to get my supplies set up. I started with my water-soluble oils. The regular oils and thinners are too toxic for delicate-little-ol'-me.

This is the palette I thought I'd use, but I only used it for a short time. It was just too small and would have made me paint little-bitty, picky brush strokes. Not my style.

This is the one I ended up using later on. Nice, large area for mixing paint.

Ohhh, I do love my palette knives!

But I especially love my brushes!!

And I've got to have my color wheel!

I am who I am, so I have to plan, plan and plan some more.

Of course there has to be some pretty music involved. Italian love songs work for me!

And now we begin. This is my sketch.

Sooo much fun!!

The first day of painting.

Laying down the base-colors.

Day two. I decided I reeeally had to have another color wheel. Pot lids come in handy for drawing circles. I don't cook, (raw foodist) so that's the only use they get. :)

Putting in some shadows and hi-lights.

End of day two.

Day three. Finally switched over to the larger palette. I love when every thing's nice and clean and fresh paint is laid out.

It doesn't stay that way for long.

End of day three.

I needed some new brushes. Really. I did.

Day five. A peek into my studio and its surroundings. I love it here!!

Wow. There's no stoppin' me now!

End of day five.

Day six. I'm on a roll.

The end of day six.
Yay! Almost finished! I still have another few hours to work on it and it'll be a done deal. Sooo much fun!!!!!!!! By the way, the colors in these photos are really not as bright as they are in real life. It must be my camera. It can't be the photographer!

I started this painting, on the left, a year ago and posted it on my blog, but lost total interest in it. I may finish it now. Now that I've got that oil painting bug again!!
I'll post my current painting as soon as it's finished. I may even splurge and buy a frame for it.
Stay tuned, okay? ~

I love Vincent Van Gogh!! 
We saw some of his paintings at the Norton Simon. Fabulous!!
I understand that some of his relatives have recently been discovered...


His obnoxious brother — Please Gogh
His dizzy aunt — Verti Gogh
The brother who ate prunes — Gotta Gogh
The brother who worked at a convenience store — Stopn Gogh
The grandfather from Yugoslavia — U Gogh
The brother who bleached his clothes white — Hue Gogh
The cousin from Illinois — Chica Gogh
His magician uncle — Wherediddy Gogh
His Mexican cousin — Amee Gogh
His Mexican cousin’s American half brother — Grin Gogh
The nephew who drove a stage coach — Wellsfar Gogh
The constipated uncle — Can’t Gogh
The ballroom dancing aunt — Tan Gogh
The bird lover uncle — Flamin Gogh
His nephew the psychoanalyst — E Gogh
The fruit loving cousin — Man Gogh
An aunt who taught positive thinking — Wayto Gogh
The little bouncy nephew — Poe Gogh
The sister who loved disco — Go Gogh
His niece traveling the country in a van — Winnie Bay Gogh
And a musical cousin from Liverpool — Ring Gogh
- By Pat Miller

For more of my art-related posts;

There are SO many things to love!
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