Thursday, November 14, 2013

How To Sprout Alfalfa Sprouts. Yum!

I love sprouts. And I've learned how to grow 'em! Piece of cake!! Mmmm... cake.
This is a Portobello Mushroom 'Burger" I made for myself. Those are Sunflower Sprouts. I didn't grow those. I just ate 'em. Good stuff!

I even throw in a handful of sprouts when I'm making my daily green smoothie. Healthy!!

So here are some quick directions, if you've never grown them before. Easy-peasy!
In sprouting jars (which you can find in most health-food stores) put two tablespoons of  Organic Alfalfa Seeds and six tablespoons of water, per jar. Not plain old tap water. Filtered, spring water, etc.

Let them sit in that overnight.

The next morning (or when you remember that they're there!) drain the soak-water.

Then, just add clean water, give them a good rinse and pour it out.

 They'll look like this. I shake the jars, to bring them to the bottom.

 Do that same routine every day. Rinse, drain and sit them in a nicely lit area, but not in direct sunlight.

 It usually takes them five days to sprout. Seven days if it's colder weather.

 Look at these babies! Aren't they getting cute?! :-) I talk to them. (And you know you talk to your plants, when nobody is around!)

 Look at how my babies have grown!!!!

 And they are done!! (In more ways than one.)

Put some of that good water in a big bowl, throw them in and give them a little bath.
Swoosh them around so that most of the brown seeds fall off. You won't get them all. No. No you won't.

Take them out and plop them on some paper towels. Change the water and do it again, if they need it.

I found the neatest Rubbermaid container! I think it's for keeping lettuce fresh, but it's absolutely perfect for sprouts!!

If there's any water left on those little guys, it drains to the bottom and they don't have to sit in it!
Nice, yeah?! I'm cool like that.

This is how they get stored in the fridge.
They last for several days. 

 Unless you eat 'em right away.

My happy little sprouts. I love them!!!!

Here's a shot of where they sat and grew. In my art studio. Something else that I love!!

If you've never sprouted before, give it a try!! You can use them in so many ways. Not only in green
smoothies and on mushrooms... try them in soups and sandwiches. Kids love them in sandwiches!! Heck, when I'm in a hurry, but need a little something to nourish me, I'll grab a couple of handfuls and just pop them in my mouth! It ain't pretty, but it gets the job done.


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