Sunday, November 28, 2010

Working-Out: More Fun For Some Than Others

These are our grandchildren, ages four and five, at the time.
They live out of state and I was visiting.

They like when I visit. I bring stuff.

If I don't bring stuff, I buy stuff.
They like that about me.

Here he is, wrapping his hands.

"Cause somebody's gonna get it!

They fought over whose room that punching-bag would go in.
She wanted it as much as he did!
Dad was smart - and put it in the office. Argument averted.

Whew! That really wears a guy out!

His new invention.
I can hear the Home Shopping Network calling.

Not to be outdone in the muscle department.

And a year later, they still like working-out.
She looks so sweet...
But you should see her punch the snot out of that punching-bag!

Showing off his muscles too.

(Girlfriend needs a pedicure.)

I didn't see or hear much of the news.

Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

They love coming to our house too. I have toys.
I have this. They like this... a lot.

And these.

Also this.

And this.

Why'd I buy this?!!
Because it's what I need the most. (But like doing the least!)

I love this!!

These are great too. But I suck at push-ups!
These are the "P90X Power Stands".

This, I like a lot.
So do the kids, as long as somebody's holding them up!

That's me, two months into the "P90X" program.
I've cropped my lower half, because I'm... shy.
(Or maybe somebody's holding me up too.)

OK, maybe I'm not so shy.
That's the muscleman himself, Mr. Lou Ferrigno,

Here is one of my favorite pieces of equipment -
My "Bowflex".
I also have a gym-membership, which is about to expire...

But I may not need it anymore.

Here's what our little guys look like now, at age six and seven.
He plays football and she's a cheerleader.
I'm happy that they love working-out, because it sure comes in handy now.

But my all-time favorite exercise routine, is this!

There are SO many things to love!
I love "Followers" and comments too!
(Thank you!)

Signing off for now,

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Raw Food Thanksgiving: Complete With Pumpkin Pie!

Happy Thanksgiving!

In this post I'll show you how I made raw "Mashed Potatoes" & "Mushroom Gravy"
and raw "Pumpkin Pie". Yum!!
In my previous post I gave directions for "Mock Turkey" and "Cranberry Sauce".
(Don't mock my turkey! He may look wimpy, but he is delicious and really, really filling!)

These recipes are not my own (why reinvent the wheel?) so I can't share them with you here.
They are from Alissa Cohen's fabulous book, "Living On Live Food".
She also has a wonderful new book, "Raw Food For Everyone" and a great DVD!
You can find a lot of Thanksgiving recipes on these two websites, as well:

These are the ingredients for the "Mashed Potatoes".

I chopped-up the cauliflower and half of the onion.

And popped them into the food-processor, along with the other ingredients.

I blended it until it got as smooth as it was going to get.

There you have it - raw "Mashed Potatoes".

You can't have mashed potatoes without gravy -
So, here are the ingredients for "Mushroom Gravy".

The chefs on the cooking networks always use a damp cloth to wipe off their mushrooms, one by one, ever so gently. But I couldn't stand any more fun and excitement, so I just gave them a little bath and a quick wipe.
Anyway, I think that's mostly to help them to brown in a pan. ( What's a pan? :)

Again, I blended until smooth.

It wasn't as smooth as the S.A.D. gravy, (what most of us are used to) but that didn't hurt the flavor any!

Turkeys like it at my house. :)

And now, the most important dish...
"Pumpkin Pie"!!

For the Crust:
Nuts and the dates are the only thing that went into the food-processor.

I blended them until I got this consistency.

I squished it down into the pan.

My market was out of pumpkins, but the recipe said Butternut Squash was fine.
I cut it (carefully).

First I scraped out the seeds. (Which I'll dehydrate later.)

Then I peeled it.
Note to self: Peel it before you cut it. It won't be as slippery.

I cut it into small-ish chunks.

And placed it, along with the remaining ingredients, into the food-processor.

I blended it until it was smooth.

Then I spooned it into the crust.

Be still my heart!!!!

Don't ask.

And now -
It's time to chow-down!!!!

Ohhh, yeahhh!! And I've got a drumstick!

It's OK to make a pig of oneself at Thanksgiving!! (And Christmas!!)
No matter what anyone says!!!!

And I did.

But then there's always this...

And this.
Ahhh... the joy of the holidays. ~

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving - from my family to yours!!

There are SO many things to love!
I love "Followers" and comments too!
(Thank you!)

Signing off for now,