Thursday, September 9, 2010

Raw Food - Sooo Good!

I love raw food.
I love the taste, the look and especially how it makes me feel!
On those few occasions that I revert back to my evil ways of eating,
I pay the price! Here is the proof - in a previous post:

In this post, I'm featuring the recipes from the amazing, raw-chef and author,
Jennifer Cornbleet's fabulous book -
"Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People".

Here are the ingredients I used. Except for the red cabbage.
I haven't a clue as to why I put that bad-boy on the platter.

I'll also be showing two of my own recipes -
"Goji Berry Lemonade" and "Banana, Kiwi, Chocolate Pudding".
I didn't have lemons and, truth be told, was too lazy to get dressed
and drive to the store to buy them.
So I used the organic lemon juice instead.
It won't kill ya.

I had to use the curly kale, because I couldn't find the other kind.
There also wasn't any zuchini, for the Spaghetti, so I had to buy the yellow squash.
That's the beauty of raw food - nothing's written in stone.
(Don't forget to ignore that dang red cabbage.)

I buy the large bottle of Raw Agave Nectar and refill the little one, as needed.
I try to use it in moderation, like anything 'sweet'. (That's really hard for me!)

Here's what I used for the "Goji Berry Lemonade":
Two tablespoons Goji Berries
Two tablespoons Raw Agave Nectar
(Or sweeten to taste.)
Four tablespoons lemon juice
(I usually use one entire peeled lemon.)
Two cups water
Grind the ingredients in a blender until smooth -
And serve.


This is Jennifer's "Spinach Apple Soup".

And yes, that is the color! Pure health in a bowl. And sooo good!!

This is her "Mediterranean Kale Salad".
No, that's not cheese! I didn't have the pine nuts the recipe called for,
so I chopped-up, (rather badly) a few Macadamia Nuts.
But, yeah, in my other life, I'd be all over the cheese!!

How good does THAT look?! And it tasted even better!

Here are the yellow squash 'noodles', topped with Jennifer's "Marinara Sauce"
and "No Meat Balls", made from her "Walnut Pate".
I'm allergic to walnuts, so I used pecans.

I couldn't believe how delicious this was!!
If you have a high-speed blender like a BlendTec,
you can make some of these sauces a little bit on the 'warm' side.
Actually, that blender has a "Soup" cycle that makes things very warm.
I love that blender!

And finally, my favorite part of ANY meal - Dessert!!
This is my "Banana, Kiwi, Chocolate Pudding":
Cut two bananas into small pieces and freeze.
Cut two kiwis into small pieces and freeze.
Place the frozen pieces in a food processor along with -
Four tablespoons Raw Cacao
Four tablespoons Raw Agave Nectar
Grind until smooth.
Serve -

And dive right in!! Ohhh yeahhhhh!

Here is the link to Jennifer Cornbleet's wonderful book,
As well as her awesome DVD and newest book,

I made some of her delicious chocolate truffles in this previous post:

I do hope you'll give raw food a try. And I hope I did Jennifer's recipes justice.
I highly recommend her books and her DVD.

Well, the dishes are washed -
and it's almost time to think about the next raw meal.
What will it be??

There are SO many things to love!

Signing off for now,


  1. Looks wonderful. But I do have to say that for that I would blow my whole weeks food budget. Since none of those things are just hanging around in my pantry.....but your right.....looks wonderful.

  2. Yes, it was expensive to buy all of the raw food items for the first time.
    But after that, it's just like any pantry, I buy when I run out of something. Or when I've read about a wonderful item I don't have -
    and really want.
    That way it doesn't cost an arm & a leg.
    Thanks for commenting, Lynette.

  3. yummy post! i looove kale salad. yours looks delish!

    i agree - once you get your raw pantry established, it's not too expensive to keep up. plus our health is all we really have, and you can't put a price on that!=)

  4. Can't believe people think raw food is more expensive than...
    How did we survive as a species, before Kellogg and Beatrice and all our big food companies started to package what was raw food and marketed all kinds of chemicals instead. Good to see your creativity in improvising. Live on!

  5. I never knew much about the raw food movement but have been exploring eating more organic and sustainably. However, a few weeks ago a "raw foodie" friend shared some delicious chocolate mousse with me and after I smacked my lips she told me it was made with avocados! Yummy!!!

  6. Processed foods and I don't get along!! I have to eat raw.
    If you have the time, please go to:
    "Raw Food vs The Standard American Diet-S.A.D." .
    The link is directly under the first photo of this post.

    I've shown a before and after picture and listed the side-effects of when I eat processed foods. Not pretty. My poor little grandson is in the same boat.

    And Patricia, I hope my husband doesn't read these comments!
    He REALLY dislikes avocados and won't touch them, but he loves the Chocolate Mousse, (made with avocados!). Shhhhhh ;)

  7. The photos of your table are so attractive. As are the close ups of good, fresh food. How might this raw food fly in Italy? I need to learn more. Thanks for the reference to the book.

  8. I have to say that just the colors alone are enough to turn me into a raw-foodie! That kale salad looks so yummy!
    Your photos are amazing, Gabriele, and I love the use of beautiful dishes and accessories!
    hugs, luny

  9. The salad?! The soup??! The pudding?! I'd try them all!

  10. To be able to produce such a colourful meal must be very satisfying. It's interesting to me too because I hadn't previously heard of some of the ingredients. I'm wondering,though, whether this particular combination of courses might not be too rich a blast to the taste buds. (?) Even if I never get the opportunity to eat some any of these dishes (I like kale but doubt I would be happy to eat so much raw at one sitting) . . . the picture of the place setting will stick cheerfully in my head.


  11. All looks delish! I'm especially intrigued by the goji berry lemonade. I love goji berries but would never have thought to make them into a lemonade. Must give it a try!

  12. I don't think I could afford to feed my cannibals on raw food, but you've inspired me to do more for myself!

  13. Wow. So much inspiration here! Thank you. I can't wait to try some of these raw food creations!

  14. I have never heard of raw food as a diet before, but it does make sense. I always crave raw vegetables but they are not always that fresh or good tasting.

  15. Nice blog! The food looks amazing ... especially those no meat balls~!

  16. Great pictures! It looks really yummy. Love especially the color of the "Spinach Apple Soup"...

  17. Yup! That spinach apple soup looks so good. And of course, dessert. Eating raw food sounds very interesting. I'll have to pay more attention to you and see what I can glean!

  18. Ummmm, now I'm hungry.

    Thanks for visiiting me over at Pittypat paperie and leaving the nice comment about my book page pumpkin. Drop by again anytime Ü

  19. Geez I misseed this post when i got back from my couple of days off. I know you are on the right track, Gabrielle...everything I have ever read talks about the benefits of raw vs. processed. You are such a good girl to be eating this way....(she said as she was drinking her Diet Coke and eating an un-whole grain muffin)...We have some friends that did raw for a long time but finally she slipped off the path of righteousness and, like Adam, the hubster soon followed.

    I wish I was following your wonderful diet...sadly...I am a bit lazy when it comes to food...but.....can we STILL be friends? I promise not to drip any sugar free milk enhanced lattes on my keys when I type to you~ xxoo Diana

  20. That is so funny!
    Yes, I will still be your friend!! And I will live vicariously through you!!
    Let me know when you're having a big ol' honkin' creme-filled donut!!

  21. I am finally getting to visit your blog, and this raw food looks so appetizing! The colors alone are invigorating! Not to mention that your list of ill effects from eating the S.A.D. sounds pretty familiar. Thanks for giving us something to think about!

  22. Sounds delicious and very health-full...

  23. Hmm, I'd be willing to try it, but I do love my cooked foods. And fast foods.

  24. What an amazing blog that you have; I'm completely blown away. Sorry I took so long to come and visit you. I started Sage Recipes a while back without thinking anyone would look at them. What a surprise to see this morning that I have followers. Thank you and I have joined your followers.

  25. Sage Recipes was a spot for me to keep my recipes; I would love for you to check my real Blog that I have been posting since last year.
    Promise to come out with raw food recipes.

  26. Hi there,

    it's been a while :)

    You have such beautiful dishes dear :)

    I must say that i'm not a fan of raw food, but for the Banana, Kiwi, Chocolate Pudding i'd die for :D

    and the quote is amazing: Take it, or leave it :) i'll think i'll use this one sometimes ;)

    Sending kisses from Europe :D

    JustCakeGirl :)

  27. Hi Gabriele

    This all looks so nice. I have Jennifer Cornbleet's book and must go back and play with more of her recipes. Thanks so much for reminding me about it.


  28. Gabriele I just love your posts! Your photographs and writing style are terrific. You make me smile!

    I got Jennifer's book a few weeks ago and have made several desserts from it that were fabulous. My husband is jumping on the band wagon as a result of some of these desserts.

    I love raw. I am really getting into it too. My favorite lunch is Jennifer's Zuchini Spaghetti and Marinara sauce. I fill my container with spinach, add the "spaghetti" and marinara sauce, and sometimes add black olives. When I open my lunch up everyone at the table loves the fresh smell and wants some!! It has made cooking (I guess cooking needs to be redefined as meal prep!!??)so much fun. I want to try it all!!

    Keep up the great posts. I will have my eye on you!

    Riding the green wave,

  29. I have actually lost 20lbs. now. Love the raw food.