Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Peanut's First Work Out

I work out. My husband works out. Our kids work out. Our grand-kids work out.
Why would we think that the peanut (our tiny, three year old granddaughter) would be any different? One day, while watching her eight year old brother exercise, she wanted to do the same thing. Kids. Big ol' copy-cats. She tried to pick up a 5 lb. weight, but it got the best of her after a blink-of-an-eye! It was funny to watch though! Yeah. I'm one of those people. :)
My son and I went to a sporting-goods store and we thought, wouldn't it be funny, if they had 1 lb. dumbbells?! They had 1 lb. dumbbells!! And they are so cute!

Speaking of cute... heeere she is!! Trying out her big-girl weights, for the first time! I know, I know... it's not good to have young kids exercise with weights, before a certain age. But she wanted to try it and... if you have kids, you know that in a few days, those will be long forgotten. Or stepped on.

But, in the meantime, she was having some fun!! And so was I! (Warning to self, "If you use the camera-setting on 'burst', you will get a zillion pictures in a minute and won't be able to decide which of those zillion pictures, you'll want to use in your blog.")

Her big brother was standing behind me, showing her the moves. This was the first time she picked them up. I love her little skinny-minny arms! :)

OK! Here we go!!!!


Losin' my form!!

Whew! Caught it!

That was a close one!

Hey... it's not so bad if I use just one.

Yeah. That's it.

Lemme try two again.


Maybe I'll do biceps.



Like this?

But I like it this way.

Watch me now.


This one feels sooo good.

Arrrr!! Feelin' the burn!!

Hey! What if I add a little aerobics? JUMP!








Big brother's in the picture!

What's he up to?

How cute is this kid?!

She's back there thinking, "Glad that's over!"

Oh boy. Heeere we go.


Yes. Yes he is.

She's doing stretches after her work out. It's good for you.

Look at my abs! Look at my abs!

Can I take my top off now?


It's itchy.

What do you mean you're done taking pictures?! I was just getting started! Maaan.

And that was the end of the work out session. Their big sister was asked to join in the fun, but she declined. She was busy. Doing something important. Very important. Yeah. Right.


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