Friday, April 26, 2013

Rest In Peace, George Jones

Today, we lost one of country music's biggest stars... the amazing George Jones.

One of my absolute favorite songs of his, is this one;
 George Jones - LIVE "He Stopped Loving Her Today" (Courtesy of "The Ronnie Prophet Show".)
I'm listening to it while writing this and getting emotional. Which I always do, when I hear this song.
But now it has a much deeper meaning.

I met George in the late 70's and was fortunate enough to hang-out with him a few times.

Here we are in front of his bus, going into the Palomino Club, in North Hollywood, where he was performing. The other man is our friend, a Kenny Rodgers look-alike.

A bunch of people piled into the bus and drove to Vegas after the show, to hang-out with Johnny Paycheck and Willie Nelson, but I had stuff to do and couldn't go. Dang it!

Looking at this picture, I realized that I still have those boots!! Since 1978! Man, they don't make footwear like they used to.

This picture looks kind of artsy, but it's just a screw-up. My scanner has a mind of it's own and keeps wanting to scan it as an "illustration" instead of a photograph. Grrr!
I love this picture, because I can still hear him saying, "You're not gonna blackmail me with this, are you?" :) Such a funny and great guy! A true country gentleman.

His nickname, "Possum" was because his eyes were so close together and his nose was pointy. :)
One of my favorite stories about him, is that his wife hid his car keys from him, because she didn't want him to go out drinking. He showed her! He got on his John Deere tractor and drove to the bar!!

I guess he's singing with Tammy now. She also left us much too soon.

Rest In Peace, George and Tammy. You will be missed by many. But your music will live on and on. You are loved. ~ ~

George Jones and Tammy Wynette, "Golden Rings". (Courtesy of, "MyJustified".)

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