Saturday, September 28, 2013

We Love Halloween!

My, now ten year old, granddaughter's first Halloween.

Halloween was so easy, when these photographs were taken.
A little bit of paint and you called it a day.
This is my oldest son as Gene Simmons, of "Kiss".

The costumes were simple and fun.
Here is my youngest son as a clown.

My youngest daughter, as "Pippi Longstocking".
Complete with a stuffed monkey.
(As in 'toy'. Don't sick PETA on me!)

My youngest son as "Dolly Parton".
(I'm sure his back hurt at the end of the night.)

My oldest daughter as a gypsy, my youngest daughter as a ghost,
and my oldest son as...
Your guess is as good as mine.

Whatever he was, it went over big in the neighborhood -
He came back with two bags of candy!
Which I rifled through, as I did everyone's, as soon as they went to bed -
helping myself to as much chocolate as humanly possible.
As they got older, they knew that the Halloween candy-bags must be hidden from Mom,
if there was to be any left for them, in the morning!
(Other than the sour, hard candies and Tootsy Rolls.)

Even I would get dressed for the occasion.
I was the Bride of Frankenstein for many years, just
the outfit would change. The hair and make-up stayed the same.
Brushing-out my hair afterwards, was quite the adventure.
Painful doesn't even begin to cover it.

Then, I decided I'd be something else one year -
And Dolly came to town again!
I generously padded my front...

My rear and my hips.
(Dolly would be proud.)

Here is my oldest daughter, the gypsy, again.

And this is her, now fifteen year old daughter, when she was little.
Wearing a fairy costume, that her mom made for her!
Such a good mom!

And here is the same little cutie-pie.
(I want to reach in there and poke her little tummy!:)

And here is her, now twenty year old daughter,
with the same little one, her sister.
(Making a very interesting face. Was it something I said?)

My oldest granddaughter (above) used to love "The Count"!
I bet she still does.
(This one's for you, Sweetie.)

These days, the costumes are fancy.

Very fancy.

Very, very fancy!

But, even now, home-made is still good enough!
This is my, now nine year old, grandson.

Have a safe and fun Halloween, everyone!!

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Thank you.

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