Sunday, March 27, 2011

Expo West, Brad Gruno, His Girl-Friday And Me

This is my nephew, Brad Gruno, of Brad's Raw Chips, Pipersville, PA.
Here he is schmoozing with actress, Kirstie Alley. Who, apparently, enjoys his chips.

I had a migraine, so I missed that party. Dangit!! :(
But, I met him and his Account Representative, Jaime Cahalan, at Expo West in Anaheim, CA.

This is a map of the Expo - which was huuuge!!

I called Brad on his cell, and as luck would have it, he and his adorable "Girl-Friday", Jaime, were sitting about fifty feet from where I was! In that big ol' honkin' place! What are the chances?!

Within a few minutes of our hugs and hellos, he was back on his phone!
You remember that from our road trip, right?

Oh, good grief! This one too?!!

Speaking of our road trip, here are our friends from the wine country, John and Katrina Frey.
Owners of the fabulous Frey Vineyards, in Northern California. America's first organic winery.

After a little chat with them, we all embarked on our day of walking, looking, tasting, walking, looking, tasting, walking, looking, and tasting. (I was a big fan of the tasting part.)

Girl-Friday was all ready to get samples. Check out the bags. Hey! I want bags!!

She wanted to stop for some Henna art. (What a great smile:)

Brad had to get in the act too.

Here he is, gettin' fancy with his new camera.

Ohhh, very pretty.

Brad... on the phone.

Yeah, you!

We ran into some of Brad's friends - the gorgeous model, Erica Oshun and the amazing raw-food chef, Chef BeLive. (My apologies to the gentleman on the right, for not remembering his name.)

Don't ask.

I had myself photographed with a cardboard, Justin Bieber, for my seven year old granddaughter, who loooves JB.

Girl-Friday had no excuse.

After a long day of walking and carrying a ton of crap, we went to the hotel.
She decided to do some work.

We all got hungry and walked across the street to a Mexican restaurant. Yum!!
Our waiter was so happy to see us. (They'd actually been there the night before.)

Loved the mural. :)

Back to the hotel to pack, for check-out in the morning.

Driving back to the Expo.

Breakfast at The Hilton. This was me being good. I did a looot of 'tasting' the day before.

Hmmm... I could have had that!

Or, what Brad had! (I suddenly got major food-envy.)

But it was all delicious!!

And you know that calories don't count outside your zip code... right? (I'm a firm believer.)

Back to the Expo, for another day of walking, looking, more tasting...
and phone calls.

Told ya.

OH! I want that bag!!

No! He didn't take it from that lady! He knew where to find them.
(Although he does look kinda guilty.)

The beautiful, talented raw-chef and author, Ani Phyo, was there, autographing her books.

Girl-Friday wanted a picture too.

Later, she found the perfect chair for work.

After another full day, I followed them to Santa Monica. (They said I could.)

Look at that freeway traffic going in the opposite direction.

And then behind me.

And then in front of me.

By the ocean and the famous Santa Monica Pier.

Another hotel. I'm following her, since I haven't a clue as to where I'm going.
(That's what makes it interesting being 'me'.)

Great view from the balcony.

If you don't mind heights. (You don't see me there, do you?!)

One hand. Show-off!

The ferris-wheel at the Santa Monica Pier.

Here I am!! Plastered against the wall, because I'm petrified of heights!!
My long monkey-arms came in handy, while stretched-out to take these photos.

And here is Girl-Friday, working again. Hey, isn't it Saturday?

Brad and her decided to go out for a walk, while I took a little power-nap.
After they left, I thought I'd get brave and take some more pictures from the balcony.
We were on the 9th floor, which is about eight floors too high for me.



Not workin'. Still freaked out!!

Those guys still hadn't gotten back, so I thought I'd give the balcony one more shot.

It sure is pretty at night.

I'd hate to have that electric bill.

I love these kind of photos. (Maybe it was Vertigo?!)

Since those two hoodlums left me alone for so long, I did what I do best.
I ate.

Some hotel food is sooo good!! Yes, even though I'm a raw foodist/vegetarian, I ate dead fish.

My sweet-tooth got the better of me. Remembering the zip-code-thing, I dove right in!!
(Unfortunately, I got a headache and stomachache later, because I'm not used to eating like that.)

When the hoodlums got back, and Girl-Friday heard what I had for dessert, she was not to be outdone. She went downstairs and got herself one too!

The next morning it was time for breakfast. And phone calls. Yet again.

Then off to the Agape International Spiritual Center, in Culver City. My first time.
On our walk from the parking lot, Brad spotted a pretty girl. (He has pretty-girl-radar.)
Look how fast he's walking. Follow those white pants!

"Well, hello there!"

He actually got her to take a picture of the three of us, while we were waiting for the light to change. Shy, he's not.

Michael Beckwith is the minister and founder of Agape. He is also well-known from, "The Secret".

Some of the people in front of us, waiting to get in. A very popular place.

Afterwards, it was time to walk, look and shop. (Really?! More walking?!)
"Ohhh, soft."

A very festive atmosphere. And loud.


Headin' out.

A shop in Santa Monica. (I was visualizing the Domino-effect.)

Back to the hotel...

One last picture of the three of us...

They dumped me...

And sped off.

When I got home I emptied my bags of goodies and was SO happy. More eats!

Here are some photographs Brad and his Girl-Friday took while they were out 'n about.

Some photos taken at the Expo, with Brad's new camera.

Girl-Friday and I, having wayyy too much fun.

Boarding the plane. I like how she's holding-up the line while she's on her computer.
The man behind her was not amused.
And awayyy they go!!

I miss you guys already!! Come back soon!!!!

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