Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sleeping Around

I have four adult children.
This is my youngest son - when he was a little screamin' brat.
He knew how to play and he knew how to get filthy.
He could also fall asleep at the drop of a hat!
When I see those "fainting goats" - they remind me of him.

In the picture above, I was making dinner and when I turned around -
there he was.
If you look in his hand, you'll see he's holding the car keys,
that the entire family was looking for!

At least there was a little rug on this floor.
By the way, his bed was right behind his head.

Finally, something soft!

As he got older, he didn't get quite as dirty, but he still fell asleep
anywhere and everywhere.
This was our porch.



After playing baseball.

He was supposed to get undressed and take a bath -
He got one jacket sleeve off.

He was supposed to put his folded laundry away.

He was supposed to be moving things into his room, at our new house.
(At least the pillow made it in.)

He was supposed to be helping me hang my paintings, for an art exhibit.

I love this picture and just had to include it. :)

Here is my oldest son in the hospital, admiring his adorable, newborn niece -
While the youngest one found yet another place to lay his weary head.

But the BEST one is yet to come!
Wait for it... ... ...

How is that even possible?!!

Now he has a houseful of screamin' brats himself -
And he's lucky if he gets a five-minute nap ANYWHERE!!


But where has the time gone??!! ~~

Signing off for now,


  1. I was so laughing when i saw all of those pictures!! :) especialy the one with one sleave off :) it reminds me on my little brother! He is 10 now and also sleaping everyvere!! :))

    kisses from rainy Croatia!! :)

  2. you aren't dishing up any dirt about Sleeping Around, huh? Well...really...that's what I stopped here for! lol

    I love all the pictures of your sleeping boy! We had one that slept like that too. When he was young he was just a bundle of energy but could sleep standing up.

    You oldest son looks like he absolutely adores that new baby. You have 2 handsome boys and I can tell you are proud of both of them.

    Your grandchildren are ALMOST as cute as my own! lol...okay...okay....they ARE as cute as my own!

    Hope you had a wonderful Sunday! Diana

  3. I cannot remember how I was led to your blog, but I find myself here laughing out loud at your latest post! Our culture doesn't get this part of aging. I think we should keep it a secret as long as possible.

    Diana in Ohio

  4. Sleeping Around!! ~ Love it!! What a great post and those pics are all priceless!! AND I love your work and how you did the posts and the steps of what you created ~ Wow!

  5. this is so cute...but seriously reminds me of my hubby! he can sleep ANYWHERE!

  6. I wish I could fall asleep like that.

    I'm so glad you found me today. I love finding new bloggy friends that are in the same stage of life as me.

  7. I am SO glad you found my blog because I just fell in love with yours after reading this post! Seriously, I would give my right ear to be able to sleep anywhere like that!! That first picture is the best, and my favorite :)

  8. i wish i could get to sleep like that!!! what cute pics - thanks for dropping by!!!

  9. What a wonderful collage of memories! Of course your youngest son didn't get to enjoy them the first time around! My favorite is the see-saw.

  10. You popped up and visited me. Thanks. But I just had to come 'check you out'. Oh my goodness, your an amazing talent! I can not believe the beauty you have created. WOW

    Now on the note about your son. Gosh I know he is just thrilled that he had all those naps. We know he stored up that rest just for this time of his sure sure.

  11. oh btw i am now following you!

  12. Oh, this is so funny & sweet! And don't many of us wish we had that knack of falling asleep anywhere?!
    Love your "I might be old but. . . " button -- so true! Sometimes I regale (or bore) my kids with tales of seeing The Beatles, Hendrix, Clapton, etc. back in 'the day' ;-).

  13. Thanks for visiting me and your sweet comments!

    Love this post! Some of the photos had me laughing out loud!

  14. brilliant photos. Thank you for visiting my blog. Lizzie x (love the piece about being old & seeing cool bands.. so true!)

  15. What's amazing is that you have so many pictures of him "sleeping around". Thanks for "visiting" me. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

  16. Oh, I loved this post! So glad you commented on my blog - thank you - because now I've found yours, and you've made me laugh :-)

  17. HA!!! great post! i'm laughing my butt off over here!

    your family is adorable. love the football face!=)


  18. SUCH a cute post! How fun that you thought to document all those naps! Thanks for stopping by today and leaving a sweet comment. I really appreciate it! And I am going off now to check out the rest of your page. Have a great weekend!

  19. What an amazing history of nap times. I've never seen something recorded like that!Love it!!
    Thanks for visiting Flat Girl. It is sooo much fun to play with toys, I really don't mind confessing even at my very big girl age:)
    She's in Western Australia now. If you would like her to visit you, you're always welcome to let the host know! Hope you and your family are having a great day!:)

  20. WONDERFUL post! My own children are almost grown, my son in college, my daughter soon to follow. I too have been asking myself where does the time go. From your blog, I see those sweet child times come again in the form of grandchildren!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. It helped me find your blog! I Iook forward to exploring more and seeing more of your lovely artwork.

  21. What a fantatic post!thank you for your visit; so nice here.

  22. What a delightful post. Thanks for visiting and following me!

  23. *giggle* awesome pics and captions! So great!

  24. That is so neat that you took all those 'sleeping' photos through out the years. He seems like a kid that played hard and... well, yes... slept hard. Great shots. The one of him sleeping after 'giving birth' is hilarious.