Sunday, August 1, 2010

Origami And Our Funny Girl

Origami: the art of folding paper into shapes representing flowers, birds, etc.

This tiny crane was created by her -

Our funny girl!
This photo was taken a few years ago, at her birthday-bash,
in a restaurant filled with people.

She is not shy.

She is quite unique and stylish.

And has an aversion to wool.

While sitting at a table with her, I saw that she had a stack of tiny squares of paper.
They were for Origami - something she'd learned from a favorite teacher of hers.

She offered to make a crane for me - which took about one minute!
The girl is fast.


A little bit of moisture...

The wings...

More folding...

A little bit of of air...

A pinch on the beak...

And heeeere he is!!
I asked what his name was and without hesitation, she said, "Armstrong".
Alrighty then.

I love her hands.

Speaking of hands -
When she, our 13 yr. old granddaughter and her older sister, our 17 yr. old granddaughter and I were having our hands photographed for my blogs banner,
we all turned our hands over for a quick, fun shot -
This is what was on her palm.

While Mel-Mel was checking out Armstrong for the first time,
I wanted to take her picture, but she wouldn't turn around -
Because she didn't "have her face on" yet.

Speaking of faces -

Here's one that we LOVE!
Our extraordinary, talented, cool and very -
Funny girl!

Signing off for now,

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  1. What a cutie!!!

    Silly pictures are the best :)