Saturday, August 7, 2010

If I Can't Have Paris - At Least Give Me Truffles

I'm a Cocker Spaniel kinda gal, but these little guys spoke to me -
"Le Woof! Le Woof! Le Woof!"
My daughter took me to a really neat antique store and there they were!
Not together, but tucked away in separate little nooks. And I found 'em!

I named the baby, Lu Lu, the mom, Fi Fi,
and the dad, Snaggletooth.
Why "Snaggletooth"?

Need I say more?

As it turns out, Snaggletooth is actually -

A pen! How cool is that?!
But I digress -

I'm always looking for new raw-food books, especially desserts!
I discovered the latest awesome book by Jennifer Cornbleet -
"Raw For Dessert" - and I love it!
I decided to make her "Dark Chocolate Truffles".
Here are the ingredients I used - adding some that weren't in her recipe.
So don't look at them and get all overwhelmed!

As I rushed around to gather ingredients to make the truffle-mixture, wash my hands, take pictures, grind the nuts, wash my hands, gather stuff for the toppings, wash my hands, take pictures...
I reached down in the fridge, grabbed the Vanilla Extract bottle with the black cap,
uncapped it and began to pour it into the food-processor, on top of the other ingredients.
But at the very last second, I turned it around and looked at the label...

Note to self: Not all bottles with a black cap are Vanilla Extract.

After I gathered what senses I had left, I followed Jennifer's recipe,
added my own toppings to some, and came up with a wonderful array of
seriously-tasty Truffles!!

I left the scrumptious chocolate-mixture out of the fridge too long, so it was a little tricky trying to get it rolled into pretty round shapes.
But did they still 'taste' unbelievably delicious?
Does a one-legged duck swim in a circle?!

I got carried away and made one of them the size of a huge meatball -
so I cut it in half.

Then I ate both pieces.

This part I loved.

That part - not so much.

In the near future, I'll be showing some dishes from Jennifer Cornbleet's
other wonderful book, and her fantastic DVD.
Here is the link to her website, where you'll find her books, DVD, classes,
recipes - and a ton of great information:

I had fun making these and I hope you'll give them a try yourself.

Signing off for now,
gabriele and Snaggletooth


  1. OMG - first I totally love antique stores and that poodle is just the best thing ever. I had a poodle ashtray that I bought and was going to keep as a candy dish and then sold and wish I'd kept. sigh. such is life...but now you've got me remembering :O)


  2. See, this is why I don't get rid of stuff! :)
    Even if it's been in storage for ten years - if I give it away, I'll need it within a few days!! Never fails.

    Hope you're not too bummed thinking about your poodle ash tray now.


  3. The puddle is amazing :) ooo and the strawberries :) mmmmmmm :) yummy !

  4. Hi, Just Cake Girl -

    Thanks for your nice comment.
    The strawberries must have been yummy,
    because my husband ate them all!

    I'm so happy that I found that poodle!!


  5. Well, thank you for finding me, and for leaving a wodnerful comment on my blog, AND now I found you back! You are my kinda gal! Would you believe I have a whole dog collection from when I was a child? I have 2 or 3 of the French is sitting on a french frou-frou chair. I think I have close to 100 dogs from the 50's & 60's. I tried to give them to my daugher-she looked at me like I had grown a 3rd head--so NOW I am giving them to HER SON for's a secret and then she will HAVE to display them somewhere! lol Lord-aren't Mothers tricky devils??!?!

    Also-we are trying to eat more natural foods too and do those little suckers ever look good! Holy cow (we say that a lot in Wisconsin-cuz, as you probably know-it's the dairy state) I could eat the whole batch by myself. However, if I did-I wouldn't tell anyone!

    So-glad to find my way here...signing up as your newest follower-thanks again for finding me~ I am loving this Blog World! Diana

  6. Nana Diana,

    Thanks taking the time to write this!
    I really appreciate it!!

    I'm envious of your poodle collection and can't believe your daughter doesn't want them! Kids these days! :)

    Thanks for becoming a "Follower"! Yayyy!!
    Now if you could just get a sense of humor.
    Ha! You crack me up!

    You'll see me on your blog soon,

  7. Again i visit your blog and there they are!!! The perfect strawberries :)) like your husband, my boyfriend would eat them in a second :) thanks for putting a link for my blog :) i've been baking for a long time now but i decidet to start a blog so i love to have you as a follower :) have a nice weekend :)

    kisses from Croatia :)

  8. can i tell you how jealous i am of your poodle pen!?!?

  9. Robin,

    I was so glad to find him in that antique store!!
    His face makes me smile. :)

    Bye for now,

  10. Hey Gabriele, so that's where all my produce went from Lassen's. : )

  11. Hey Gabriele! Follow my blog and ill follow back?
    Holla back Aytee!! Many thanx!

    P.S....loving the blog!!xx