Saturday, August 21, 2010

Play With Your Food!

I worked my tail off on the last post, so this one is going to be - just for fun!
(Here's another post with the first Mel-Mel, the sugar-holic.)
By the way - this is NOT food!!

I love foods that look like other things! And utensils that make me smile!
So, I'm sharing some of them with you guys.

The happy couple.

A Bing Cherry, that looks like a one-eyed dog to me. (Got Kibble?)

A Pluot, that looks like a heart, where I sliced it.
(And has the same body as the dog.)
Doesn't "Pluot" sounds like a small, foreign car?
It's a hybrid of a Plum and an Apricot. And really good!

And here's a slice from a Nectarine. Same heart shape. They love me!

If you don't use all your greens in a timely-manner, something really cool happens to them!
(Probably everyone knows that, but me.)

OK, this one cracks me up!! (Pun intended.)

I believe this is a Chinese Pear, but don't hold me to it.
It was SO good! (Hi, Mel-Mel.)

Strawberry lips, with too much lipstick.

Thank you for blotting. You may kiss me now.

When my adult children were little, they used to see which one could be the first to draw a smiley-face in a new jar of Peanut Butter.
Sometimes I'd win, because if I remembered,
I'd do it in the car in the parking-lot of the store! :)
(Sorry Kids.)

Speaking of Peanut Butter -
When I ate it, a couple of years ago, (before I became a raw-foodist)
I'd worked up a sensitivity to it.
I got so bloated, I looked like a parade-float.

I can almost hear my kids high-fiving each other right now.
Karma's a bitch!!

Speaking of kids -
One of my daughters sculpted this awesome bronze bear and fish.
It's appropriately titled, "Play With Your Food".
And I'm the proud owner of this one!! (Thanks, Kid!!)

My daughters bought this apron for me and then created the design.
I love desserts! and when I give raw-food demos, that's what I go for -
Desserts! I am the "Dessert Diva". :)
(Thank you, Girls!! I love my apron!!)

This is a little, spud Salt Shaker.
There was a Pepper Shaker too, but it broke.
It had a pissy-face anyway, so that's OK.

"Feeed meee!! Gimme nooodles!!"

A fun Tooth-Pick Holder I found at the same antique store where I found "Snaggletooth".
"See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil." (Yeah, right.)

Look at the background -
My fruit-bowl looks just like a smiling clown-face, which makes ME smile!
And that's a good thing -
Especially since todays mail brought me an envelope offering me -
a "Free, Pre-paid Cremation". :(

In my present condition, (alive) I would think that would hurt.
Have these people seen me?! I'm afraid.
Why can't I just get the winning-notice from "The Prize Patrol"?

SEE, this is why I need fun stuff in my life!!
And fun is found in so many different forms, even in 'playing with my food'.

However - CATS do NOT like it when you play with THEIR food!

Or eat it.
"Mmmmm... tastes like chicken."

Since I wanted this to be a fun post -
(And who is funnier than the great Erma Bombeck?!)
I leave you with these words - a tiny portion from a chapter called,
"Leftovers That Refuse To Die" -
dated 12/17/91, from her fabulous book, "Forever Erma".

"My secretary and I are compiling a list of leftovers that not only refuse to die,
they reproduce. Heading the list is her pasta salad.
Out of a pound of macaroni, she fed a family of six for two meals, ate it for lunch every day for three weeks, and at that point still had more pasta salad than she originally made.
She eventually buried it in the backyard."

Signing off for now,


  1. very cute post! love the pb tradition and the bear your daughter made is adorable. you must be proud!

    and i'm all for playing with food!=)

  2. Oh Gabriele! Did they call you Gabby as a child? Just curious-no answer needed! I was smiling the whole time I was reading your post. However, I must tell you~ I think the Pluot looks like it has a big red tongue slapped on it! But-that's just me! As a word of caution...I'd watch out for that sprouting tater-I think that sucker might come right into your bedroom and get you whilst you are sleeping...that charming, wide-eyed smile is NOT fooling me.

    Feeling a little bad that you fed your one kid on the floor and he(?-cute enough to be a she) had to share with the cat.

    Your reward for being a good mother is that obviously at least one of your kids is tremendously talented. That bear is awesome...give any of my kids a block of bronze and they would crush it into suntan powder...yeah...You did good-Foody faces and all! Diana

  3. Lol pretty funny, the Pluot kinda looks like its blowing a raspberry at me. Your daughter is really talented!

  4. Hey you three! Thanks for your comments!
    And I can't even look at the Pluot now, without seeing a tongue!
    I wish I'd seen that to begin with! That's way funnier than what I wrote. (Quit stealing my thunder!:)

    Thanks for your comments about my daughter's bronze.
    If you look at this link, you'll see my granddaughters work,
    her daughters - and that the talent is continuing! :)
    Both of these girls are fabulous artists. I'm very proud of all of them!

    I'll see you on your blogs -

  5. Hmmm...
    I see that the link isn't live. Great!
    That means more reading in"Blogger For Dummies". Dangit!

  6. Who would have thought that playing with food could be so funny? You make me look at normal everyday things in a whole new way .. thank you for that!

    The bear your daughter carved is freekin awesome so I am assuming that creative genius runs in the family!

    Once again, you have cracked me up (see yellow thing with pun intended, lol) ... funny, really funny!

    I just had my first Pluot yesterday and it was so yummy. Never even heard of them until last week.

    Kudos on the sneaky panut butter trick - sounds like something I would do, rotflmao!!
    hugs, luny from COC

  7. HEY YOU! Pop by my blog in the morning...I gotta little surprise for you..and it's not a painted potato either! lol Diana

  8. This post made me smile. :-)

  9. Thank you for the kind words on my blog!
    I really enjoy the strawberry lips ;D

  10. Thanks for the blog love! I'm so pleased to have discovered your blog as well. The photos in this post are really clever and entertaining. I'm definitely looking forward to checking out more of your posts.

    Have a lovely rest of the weekend!
    -The Empress

  11. Cute post. Love the "crack" one. Thanks for stopping by and welcome anytime.

  12. The one that cracked you up? Cracked me up too!

  13. Great post! I just had pluots for the first time recently, and they were DEE-licious. I hadn't realized they were a hybrid, though, so thanks for the info! You learn something new every day. :)