Monday, June 6, 2011

For The Love Of Art: Part Three. SCORE!!

I found my brushes! I found my brushes!! I found my brushes!!!
If you read the previous art-posts, part one and part two, you understand my excitement!

I found my French easel hidden away in storage too!

And my Van Gogh-wannabe hat.
(Don't call the police, that's a mannequin leg.)

I also came across my big ol' honkin' oil paint case.

I used to lug that thing all over the place.
When I opened it up, the wonderful smell of the oil paints hit me in the face.
It was awesome!

More oils.

I'd wrapped the brushes in plastic baggies, in case any little bugs decided to move into the storage area. I hear they're quite fond of nibbling on the bristles.

Many years ago, I took a three-day workshop with the very talented artist, Ted Goerschner, in Los Olivos, CA. Another student did this 8" x 10" painting of me. Proof that I actually did plein-air painting... for at least three days anyway. I realized that painting outdoors is not my thing. (I love this painting! Thank you Dorie!)

I've put the Van Gogh-wannabe hat on my mannequin for now. She looks better in it anyway.

So, I started a painting in acrylics, but I whined about missing my oil paints. I had to switch, because I'm now sensitive to the solvents used with oils. Then my artist friend, Linda Walker, and my blogger friend, Lou Ceel, told me about "water-soluble oil paints". Be still my heart!!
I had to have 'em!

Like I do with all my painting mediums, I made a color wheel. It turns out that these paints feel like the oils I remembered and loved! Smooth as cake frosting to mix. I have to admit, I miss the smell though.

Cleaning the brushes in water... I did notice that the water needed to be changed much more often than when using Turpentine. So, I get a little exercise too. It's a win-win situation.

I still have some colors to add, but here it is. My water-soluble oil paint color wheel.

I've always loved Vincent Van Gogh, but even more so lately. I'm watching his movies, reading his books and drooling over his paintings all over again. He gives me such inspiration! What a talent!!
Yet such a tortured soul.

This is the painting I began in acrylics. I plan to finish it with these oils. It's nice that I can paint over acrylics with oils. It can't be the other way around... no acrylics on top of oils.
"Fat over lean" is the artsy term. (Sounds like my body, when I pig-out on sweets.)

Wish me luck, guys!

There are SO many things to love!
I love "Followers" and comments too!
Thank you.

Signing off for now,


  1. You sound like you are in painter's heaven; so happy for you.
    Love that portrait of you. Sending good luck and good vibes your way Gabriele.

  2. I can feel you excitement! How wonderful to find your treasures. Can't wait to see the continuation of that painting! Love to you.

  3. Oh- I am so happy for you...and I don't know how I missed your other two posts. I think I missed quite a few all the way around. You are just sooo talented Garbiele. I will be anxious to see what you do. I love the painting you have started and I did NOT know they made water soluble oil paints. How IS that possible? Anyway..I an happy that YOU are happy, my friend. xo Diana

    ps...I love the little study a fellow artist did for/of you!

  4. wow, that's a lot of brushes! guess what? i tried painting again! i never took a lesson so i have no clue what i'm doing but i'm having fun!=)

  5. How wonderful that you can take such joy in something that, coincidentally, you excel in. So many things to love...

  6. Your brushes are lovely- and plentiful. Enjoy!