Sunday, May 22, 2011

For The Love Of Art: Part Two

Once I have my old color-wheel, I'm good to go!
I didn't misplace it, because I use it in my silk painting too.
I'd be lost without it.

This is how I like to set-up my paint area. All neat and tidy.
For those of you that like to read things in the correct order,
here is "For The Love Of Art: Part One." But come back now, ya hear?!

Here is the photograph I chose to go with. One of over 300 that I took at the beautiful Frey Vineyards. I'm saving my favorite for last. Like dessert. Well, I'm lying here. Sometimes I have dessert first. So... never mind.

First I did a quick pencil sketch on my nice, new canvas.

Then I outlined the sketch in acrylic. While I was doing that, I remembered that I usually began with this step, instead of sketching it in with pencil first. It's been fourteen years since I did an easel-painting, so I have an excuse!

The outline/sketch is finished - and now comes the fun part.

I consider this the underpainting. Just getting some of the main colors down.

I always love the look of the colors on the palette.

After a few hours, the palette is full...

And I'm getting tired of painting. (It happens.)
Tomorrow's another day.
I'll be refreshed and ready to paint some more on the left side, and then on to the best part - the finishing touches! The highlights, the shadows and the fun colors. Yum!!

It's a dirty job, but somebody's gotta do it.
Until the next time ~

There are SO many things to love!
I love "Followers" and comments too!
(Thank you.)

Signing off for now,


  1. I feel privileged to be inside a working artists head as she does her art. In the world of "So many things to love" I love this. Glimpsing a world I'd have no way to know about otherwise. Thanks. And I love the finished (so far) painting.

  2. You are incredible. I can't even imagine how awesome it must feel creating the way you do. You truly are incredible.

  3. Grandmother, and Lisa, Wow! You guys made my day! (Week, actually!:)
    Thank you SO much for those kind words. I just hope I don't screw-up the rest of the painting and make you take them all back!!

  4. FABULOUS! You're much sexier than Bob Ross!

  5. Thanks, Donna!!
    If I'm not careful, I could have the same hair.

  6. love this! can't wait till the next round!

  7. Thank you Angella!! I hope I won't disappoint you. (Now I'm nervous!:)
    Sending love ~

  8. I am always so impressed when I come here; you make it looks easy, but you are loaded with talent.

  9. Rita, thank you for those nice words. A great thing to wake up to. (Feel free to email me every morning! :)

  10. wow, it looks great! i'd love to learn how to paint. i've tried a few times with acrylics and got really frustrated. thanks for taking us through the process - looking forward to the finished product!=)