Sunday, November 28, 2010

Working-Out: More Fun For Some Than Others

These are our grandchildren, ages four and five, at the time.
They live out of state and I was visiting.

They like when I visit. I bring stuff.

If I don't bring stuff, I buy stuff.
They like that about me.

Here he is, wrapping his hands.

"Cause somebody's gonna get it!

They fought over whose room that punching-bag would go in.
She wanted it as much as he did!
Dad was smart - and put it in the office. Argument averted.

Whew! That really wears a guy out!

His new invention.
I can hear the Home Shopping Network calling.

Not to be outdone in the muscle department.

And a year later, they still like working-out.
She looks so sweet...
But you should see her punch the snot out of that punching-bag!

Showing off his muscles too.

(Girlfriend needs a pedicure.)

I didn't see or hear much of the news.

Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!

They love coming to our house too. I have toys.
I have this. They like this... a lot.

And these.

Also this.

And this.

Why'd I buy this?!!
Because it's what I need the most. (But like doing the least!)

I love this!!

These are great too. But I suck at push-ups!
These are the "P90X Power Stands".

This, I like a lot.
So do the kids, as long as somebody's holding them up!

That's me, two months into the "P90X" program.
I've cropped my lower half, because I'm... shy.
(Or maybe somebody's holding me up too.)

OK, maybe I'm not so shy.
That's the muscleman himself, Mr. Lou Ferrigno,

Here is one of my favorite pieces of equipment -
My "Bowflex".
I also have a gym-membership, which is about to expire...

But I may not need it anymore.

Here's what our little guys look like now, at age six and seven.
He plays football and she's a cheerleader.
I'm happy that they love working-out, because it sure comes in handy now.

But my all-time favorite exercise routine, is this!

There are SO many things to love!
I love "Followers" and comments too!
(Thank you!)

Signing off for now,


  1. OHHHHHHHHHHH! Thats adorable. The whole thing and omg - are you ever in shape, lady! I've been dieting for a year this last july and can't bring myself to exercise - can you imagine where everythings sagging to? Yep, the knees and below.

    its not a pretty picture these days. Its a good thing kids love you no matter where your skin ends up


  2. Tracy,
    You're a riot!! Ha!
    Thanks for starting my day off with a big smile! :)
    And thanks for the great compliments too!
    Yeah, kids are awesome that way!!

  3. oh my gosh, you crack me up!!!=) those photos are great. thanks for sharing!

    you are FIT! so cool you met the hulk, or was he your date? it does look like he matched your dress with his tie!

    ps - thank you for the sweet comments you leave me! xoxoxoxo

  4. kelli,
    Thanks for the compliments!
    No, the Hulk was not my date - just ran into him at a party.
    I guess I should clear that up...
    for the sake of my marriage! :)
    As far as the comments I leave you - I mean every word.

  5. oooo i love Lou :))) the kids look so adorable :)) and your muscels :))) you look amazing :)

    kisses from croatia :)

  6. Encouraging post! We all need stuff to keep us motivated.

  7. Just Cake Girl,
    Lou is loved in Croatia too! That is so cool!! :)
    Thank you for the nice compliments! They are very much appreciated!!


  8. lakeviewer - thank you!

    I totally agree.
    Motivation is sometimes tough to come by!!


  9. Great photos. I think it's so great you're instilling, encouraging fitness in your grandkiddos. (Mine, well, I encourage him to read ... and love movies.) I've never met anyone that could compete with my daughter in love for P90X. You two would make fast friends!

  10. Lisa,
    Thank you for the compliments!
    I go with mine to the book store and we sit and watch movies together too. So you and I are on the same wave-length there. :)
    How great that your daughter does P90X too! It's a killer work-out!

    See you on your blog -

  11. yes! that would be just like you to get them that stuff!! you have always taken such good care of yourself and you are passing that on!! what a good grandmother you are and of such adorable grand children! when u come to visit me will you buy me stuff???

  12. WALLS,
    You'd probably want so much 'stuff', that It would be cheaper to buy you a plane ticket to visit ME!! :)
    Love ya!!

  13. If my grandma had brought punching bags and free weights when she came to visit i might have grown up liking exercise more. this post is a hoot! especially the video at the end, definitely my preferred way of working out, too (to clarify, I'd be your granddaughter). They are such adorable beautiful children, so engaged by it all. You definitely live the precept that the body is a temple. I think you came into my life for a reason.

    Much love.

  14. Hi Angella,
    I have a vision of that being YOU in the video, instead of my granddaughter and it cracks me up!! HA!
    I love visiting your blog!
    You have the most wonderful writing style...
    and heartfelt stories.

    Love you,

  15. Nothing in the world beats our grandchildren's visits. You picture show the love. My grandchildren are now older; still wonderful but I kind of miss that innocence that you captured with your photos; lovely post.

  16. Rita,
    You are so right about their visits!
    I have two older granddaughters too.
    I would love to have used photos of them in this post, but when they work-out, they like their privacy and shut the door. Brats! :)
    Enjoy your grandchildren!!


  17. WOW! I am so incredibly inspired by all of your exercise equipment. That is beyond amazing!!

    Sadie at heyMamas

  18. WOW...what great shape your are so toned...i like zumba myself, haven't tried the P90X but have seen the TV advertisements,,,,whewwww, i don't know how you do it...thats is some serious exercise i must say...and you don't look old enough to be a grandmother...great job...hugs...christen

  19. Oh, the photo of you and Lou... I thought maybe it was your husband. Hey, looks like you're pretty buff... I'm not buff, I'm... fluff! Ha!

  20. THIS IS THE GREATEST POST EVER! It made me so happy, and you must feel SO proud. You sparked this healthy habit in them. Good for you :D I must say I love reading your blog, I feel as if I'm hearing you talk, and you're absolutely hilarious, "gurlfrenn needs a pedicure" haha. I LOL when i read this. Have a happy new year!!

    -Amy :)

  21. Amy, I can't even tell you how happy your comment made me!!
    Thank you so much for your kind words!! And a Happy New Year to you as well!!

  22. sadie,
    As always, thank you for your comment!!
    I haven't been around lately, due to Bronchitis and a hospital stay, but I'm on the mend and hope to post new stuff soon!!

  23. fantasiesfromwithin,
    Thank you SO much for those kind words!!
    They are much appreciated!!
    I've seen the Zumba commercials and I always thought they looked like so much fun! Whatever works for us, right?! :)
    Again, thanks for the compliments!!

  24. Joy,
    Your comment about "fluff" made me laugh out loud!!
    HA! You are too funny!!
    Thanks for leaving a comment. Much appreciated!