Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cabbage Rejuvelac: The Enzyme Drink

"Rejuvelac" is Dr. Ann Wigmore's living-drink.
It can be made with sprouted wheat, oats, barley, buckwheat, rye,
rice and other grains. Or, with red or green cabbage.
I chose cabbage, because of the simplicity of it.

I found my information online and in books.
I liked the fact that all I needed for Cabbage Rejuvelac
was one head of organic cabbage and water. My kind of recipe!

First I gave the cabbage a little rinse.

I cut out the core and chopped the rest into chunks.
With a high-powered blender, like my BlendTec,
you don't have to chop it too fine.

I stuck half of the cabbage into the blender-jar. About three cups.
I used half that amount of water. One and a half cups of distilled, or purified water.
Tap water has chlorine in it and that kills the good bacteria in the Rejuvelac.
I blended it until it was liquefied.

I poured it into a bowl. (Use glass, or ceramic, not plastic.)

Then I did the same thing with the other half of the cabbage.

I opened a bag of Cheese Cloth.
(That sounds like a snack that leaves the fingers orange,
but tastes mighty fine! Except for the 'cloth' part.
That's a little dry.)

I cut a piece, large enough to cover the bowl.

And cover the bowl I did.
It was suggested to always write the date on there, so that you don't forget.
(That would be me!)
Place the bowl, undisturbed, in a warm area for three to four days.
And wait...
And wait...
And wait.

On the third day, I opened my new Sprout Bag.
(I love new 'stuff'!)

Here is what I used to finish making the Rejuvelac:
Glass Mason Jars for storage, the Sprouting Bag stuck in the blender-jar,
and a mask that I wish I could have used the entire three days!
The room it was in smelled like a locker-room filled with dirty gym socks!!
Nasty! (Kidding about the mask.)

This is what it looked like. Innocent enough, right?

I poured it into the Sprouting Bag, while it was sitting in the blender-jar.

Then I squeezed the livin' daylights out of it.
I read that wearing gloves is a good idea, since we're dealing with bacteria.

I poured it into the Mason Jar. I ended up only needing one of them.

This is what the cabbage-pulp looks like. Some people use it for composting.

So - this is what one medium-sized head of cabbage gave me.
The directions say that if you save 1/4 cup of the Cabbage Rejuvelac,
you don't have to wait three days. Just use that as your 'starter'.

The nutrients from the Rejuvelac are 'pre-digested' nutrients now.
Proteins, vitamins and minerals have been broken-down by this
high enzymatic process.
Its rich source of friendly-bacteria will help to heal your digestive system.
Drink it before you eat.

It can also be used as a 'starter' for other fermented foods such as cheeses,
raw nut and seed sauces, and essence breads.
(Cheesecake anyone!!)

I took my first little sip, expecting it to taste as nasty as my house smelled -
But it was surprisingly nice!! And no odor!
It tasted a little like carbonated water, very fresh, with just a hint of cabbage.
Apparently, if it tastes sour, or weird in any way, it needs to be tossed-out.
Sooner, than later!

If you are a Candida sufferer, Rejuvelac may not be the drink for you.

For more information about Rejuvelac:

The next time I make it - I'm goin' for the odorless sprouts!!

There are SO many things to love!
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(Thank you!)

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  1. Way too complex for me! I'll stick to commercial juices when I thirst for them. I like my calories with all the fiber attached.

    1. you're getting real b12 and B vitamins and vitamin K with rejuvelac.

  2. interesting! i like fermenting cabbage to make raw kraut. didn't know you could make rejuvelac with cabbage!

  3. Oh-You have to have a passion for that! I am not that ambitious-but glad someone is!!>) Diana

  4. Very interesting...but I don't know if I could drink it...maybe a little sugar and some vaillia:)

  5. WOW! I can hardly believe you did this, but photos don't lie. I am love cooked cabbage, cole slaw but cabbage juice, I just don't know.
    Great post Grabriele

  6. ooo what sould i say Gabriele, green it is.... your color....not mine ;)

    and about the smell, my grandma at home makes canned cabbage for winter and i know that hideus smell it is awfull.....

    but on the other hand, the color is nice :D

    kissses ;)

  7. wow you are brave...i love raw veggies but fermented any thing gross's me out...but i know it is healthy, i've read a few anne wigmore books many years ago while recovering from a back injury and her advice was most helpful...only part i skipped was sprouts tho' blog address

  8. I could drink it, but I don't think I could make it---I gave up craving that sweatsock scent when my son moved out.

  9. You're quite daring. If it tastes as you say, I'd probably like it ... but only if I weren't told what it is beforehand. :o)

  10. You are very enterprising (Captain Kirk)!

    No seriously there is a lot to making this drink let alone photographing each stage.....well done Gabrielle.

    If I lived closer I would call round and have a drink with you!

  11. Thank you for the Blog.... enjoyed the one on Cabbage rejuvenac... got to try and make some... always thought it was done with grains....Please check out my new website and Blog as well... ...maybe you would like to help in some way...Thank you so much for sharing!

  12. Try using a "Perfect Pickler", or a "Pickle Meister", for fermenting. You'll eliminate the odor.

  13. Very easy recipe to follow with the pictures and all. Good use of the sprouting bag too.Thanks for taking the time to post this---Rev John

  14. Could someone please tell me what the difference is, of using a cheesecloth or teatowel as a cover in contrast to using the lid of a jar. I've only come across one recipe that used the lid of a jar.

    1. Beats me. Convenience maybe?
      I just know that if there is a choice, I'd rather screw on a lid, than mess around with cheesecloth and a rubber band. And then have to continuously wash the darn thing.

  15. I have been doing this for years. This is really good for keeping the body alkaline. pH is so important. Great for anyone who has done antibiotics, since this is pro-biotic.

  16. If a tight lid is used than the rejuvelac cannot breath and will go rancid. The Pickle Meister uses a wine fermentation air lock. I have used this for sauerkraut and it works very well. Since I have a hard time digesting raw vegies, I have become interested in fermented vegies.

  17. Why do you suggest is not good for Candida? I've read that this is a suggested treatment for it. Could you please let me know your thoughts as I'm hoping to use it as a treatment but don't want to make symptoms worse.

    1. I read it on several websites/blogs, so I'm not taking any chances. This post was written a while ago, so I don't know what they were any more. I see that there are many that promote Rejuvelac now. I'm just being cautious. Good luck with your fight against Candida!! It's a tough fight, but I'm sure you'll win it!!

  18. I read if you suffer for Candida then after you kill off the candida then this is the drink for you... to replenish good bacteria. Is this your understanding?

    1. I don't really know. I would have to read-up on it, to see. But that would be great!!

  19. I've made rejuvelac with grains before and loved it. I will give the cabbage a try. Thanks for the blog.

  20. I've made rejuvelac with grains before and loved it. I will give the cabbage a try. Thanks for the blog.

  21. You write so well! I love your writer's voice, and appreciate the way you get straight to the point. Often I can't be bothered with lengthy, chatty directions - but yours is PERFECT. Long enough, short enough, funny enough and with pictures painting in the words inbetween. Please consider a career in this area if you haven't got one already ;-)