Sunday, December 5, 2010

Raw-Food Marzipan For The Holidays

One of my absolute favorite memories, as a little kid growing up in Europe,
was the Marzipan I would get at Christmas!
It came in the shapes of little red apples, yellow bananas, green pears, etc..
It made my heart smile.

Imagine my excitement, when I discovered the recipe,
in my newest raw-food dessert book!! (I did the happy-dance!)

Here are the ingredients the recipe calls for.
What is in the blurry bottle, you ask? I'll never tell. :)
(It was something I needed for a sauce I was going to make and accidentally
stuck it up there with everything else. Duh!)

I put the shredded coconut into my very cool BlendTec blender -
and blended it until it was a powder. (All of two seconds.)

I placed the remaining ingredients (minus the mystery-bottle stuff)
into the blender and let it blend until they were smooth.
Then I transferred it to the food-processor.

I let it do its thing, until the mixture began to stick together.

It was a bit moist, so I placed it on a paper towel and let it soak-up some of the moisture.
(I took a little nibble... ok... a big nibble. Mmmmmmm!!)

I rolled it into two logs.

And sliced them into little pieces.

I made a tiny apple, banana and pear - for the kid in me. :)

I rolled the remainder into little balls.

Then coated some in shredded coconut.


I wondered how it would taste, rolled in raw cacao.
(Can't go wrong with chocolate, right?!)

I put the Marzipan balls in the little plastic bag -
And gave them a little shake, rattle & roll.

And here they are.
I liked the ones dipped in the coconut.
I really liked the ones rolled in cacao.
But my favorites were the original ones, without any coating at all.
I suppose it's because those are the ones that hold the kid-memories for me.

This is my newest, favorite raw-dessert book! (With the Marzipan recipe.)
It's by the fabulous raw-food chef, Matthew Kenney.
He has several raw-food books, which are sooo good!!
This will take you to his website with a ton of recipes!
(By the way, Matthew puts a raspberry center in his Marzipan!!)

I hope that whatever desserts you decide to make,
they'll turn out better than anything you've ever made before!
(And if not, there's always someone whose taste-buds are shot.)

I wish you and your loved-ones a wonderful, happy and healthy Holiday Season!
May all your dreams come true!!!!

"One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas day.
Don't clean it up too quickly."

- Andy Rooney

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(Thank you!)

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  1. Marzipan seems like a magic concoction. So good to learn how to whip it up at home. Happy Holidays.

  2. Wow, that looks so fun and these pictures of those beauties, so cute!!!

    Sadie at heymamas

  3. Gabriele ~ I haven't made real marzipan in years. I am proud of you for re-creating traditions in your own way. Those kids are adorable...adorable...yes they are! Hugs-Diana

  4. I love this post and wow you made Marzipan; you are a genious; it brought back seet memories.
    One year we were in Portugal for Easter and that is when I discovered this gem and fell in love. I haven't never see this around here.
    The children are adorable.

  5. I love your blog. I am looking forward to making the marzipan. Doesn't look too completed either. :)

  6. All the pictures look so amazing :)) seams like you are having fun preparing everything for Christmas :) and the marzipan balls look yummy :)

    Kisses :)

  7. there are those lovely grandchildren!

    thanks for showing the book. I think it might make a lovely gift for my daughter, who enjoys making desserts.

  8. I love the pic, 'Death by Christmas Lights'. What a hoot!

  9. Omg.. that cute little snowman-girl you have there, what a doll! Wish you a fantastic christmas and new years eve!