Sunday, November 7, 2010

Hair-Hogs: A Family Tradition

This is my oldest granddaughter,
with the most gorgeous head of hair.
Hair-Hog personified!

She's now 17 and likes her hair short.
Wouldn't ya know it?!

This is my second granddaughter.
She's now 13 and likes her hair long.

She always had a thing for hair.
Here she is wearing my mannequin wigs.

Here she is again - wearing her own hair.

This is my third granddaughter.
She's seven now.

She loves a good spiked-do.

And apparently, a bit of static-cling.

Can't leave out the only grandson!
He's six now. And has his hair in a buzz-cut.

My newest granddaughter.

She's 17 months now.
With a great head of hair - and smile.

Talk about great smiles and hair -
These are my four children, at a young age.

Here are the girls, showing off their little brother,
my oldest son.

He had the most beautiful head of hair.

Everywhere we went, people would pat him on his head!
And he would go from this...

To this.
He was not amused.
(I wouldn't be either.)

I love this picture.
Even the toy was hairy. :)

And this little girl?
Well, that's me.

I don't imagine my mother, or grandmother,
had a good time brushing that hair every morning.
I have a strong feeling they had to chase-me-down!

And it's still not a lot of fun to brush through!
(An old passport photo.)

Speaking of my mother -
here she is.
Not to be outdone, in the hair department!! ~~

"A grandparent loves you from when you're a bald baby
to a bald father and all the hair in between."

- Erma Bombeck

There are SO many things to love!
I love "Followers" and comments too!
(Thank you!)

Signing off for now,


  1. holy hair!=)i love this post. so fun.

    ps - i'm pretty sure 'my beard' is by shel silverstein. i remember it from when i was a kid.=)

  2. Thanks kelli!
    I'll check it out and give him credit.
    I think it's hysterical. :)
    Thanks for commenting.
    I'll see you on your blog!

  3. Gabriele, LOL-Our family has a lot of hair too! One of the commenters on my blog called us the Hair Bear I have a mop myself and I still struggle with the tangles in the morning. I was straightening it for the past couple of years but THAT is a real pain in the I am back to curly locks! Hairwise, we could pass for sisters...uh...well, either I have to dye my hair dark or you have to bleach yours! Love all the pictures of your family. You kids AND grandkids are beautiful...all that hair and all! Hugs- Diana

  4. Having thin hair.....I can't relate to a full head of beautiful thick hair.......
    It sure runs in your family doesn't it? So great!

  5. What gorgeous family you have; Hair is a big bonus they inhereted!

  6. What awesome heads of hair. Is "McDreamy" from Grey's Anatomy a relative? Loved the spiky look.

  7. My goodness me! A lot of hair is an understatement sure have a lot between you all.

    Especially love those golden curls. They remind me of my boys wasted on a boy. Well I think so cos mine are nonexistent and unless I mascara them they are invisible.

    Love all the food pics - makes me hungry just looking at them!

  8. i just chopped my hair off again
    dear is growing his to donate to locks of love
    and a mustache to celebrate MoVember!
    Check that out.

  9. Love all these great pictures you shared with us. Wonderful memories; love Erma's quotes

  10. What incredible hair! You all really ARE hair hogs! But it looks so great on you all. Lovely hair and lovely, original post.

  11. What a great tour of the family hair-looms, and such a beautiful family! Oh, and I love that passport photo of you!

  12. Well, I would say that hair is definitely a family trait. I love the pictures of your family. And I want to thank you for visiting my blog "dittydots". I haven't been on it as much, but certainly hope to rectify that once Christmas is over. I need to find other things to bring to my "show-n-tell". Have a
    wonderful Christmas Gabrielle. Your silk scarves are out of this world fabulous.

  13. I love all of that beautiful hair. Very beautiful grandkids.

  14. Well, it's easy to see where the kids got their fabulous hair. Beautiful family.

  15. What beauftiful hair your family has been blessed with...I love the wonderful pictures you share...thank you.

  16. this post is great!! LOVE the hair! : D And you grand kids are adorable!!

  17. OMG, what incredible heads of hair. These pictures are amazing. Love especially your old passport photo. I wished I would have such wonderful hair:-)
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful family photos with us!

    Your grandkids are adorable, Gabriele!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    Gaby xoxox

  18. I love that first Grand daughter's head of hair... looks like she could have been a model for baby shampoo. Looks like the whole family inherited a great head of hair. Cute photos--I had a monkey just like that one in the photo of your son asleep--'Zippy' the monkey.

  19. all of these pictures are amazing. I wished I would have such wonderful hair:-)

  20. Wow the hair is a gft for sure for all of you. Your family is beautiful your Grandchildren and you are beautiful and your Mom is so beautiful.

    Thanks for sharing. I am new on here to come. I plan to follow your blogs.