Monday, March 14, 2011

A Night With Los Lobos, Eric Clapton - And My Buddy Melanie

Los Lobos and Eric Clapton in one night! How awesome is that?!

They played at the Gibson Amphitheatre, at Universal City, in California.

I went to meet my buddy, Melanie, at her house, because she was going to drive.
(I get lost in my own back yard.)
And there was her poor little cat, recuperating from surgery. Poor, pitiful guy.

And here they are - Los Lobos! I love this band!!

Cesar on guitar, Conrad on base, Cougar playing the drums, Louis on guitar...

David on guitar and Steve playing the sax. I love the sound of the sax!

David and his angelic voice. Beautiful.

Steve playing the keyboard.

Steve playing the whatchamacallits. ??
My mother had a pair that she used to play around the house -
Just to drive me crazy, I do believe.

The last song and away they went. I could have listened to them all night long!
I love their new CD. I'll give you the info at the end of this post.

And then it was Eric Clapton's turn.

He sang two of my favorite songs; "Layla" and "I Shot The Sheriff".

The colors were fabulous too.

Everywhere you turned, there was a sea of people.

Loved the music, loved the colors.

There's one in every crowd, isn't there?
"Down in front."

It was an awesome show!! They both rocked the place!!

Leaving the theatre.

I'm trying to keep up with Melanie, who is not only a fast walker,
but is wearing comfortable footwear!

Which way do we go?

Some of the sights at City Walk. The place is huge!

For the sports-fan.

The things I do for my six year old grandson.

George is curious as to why anyone would park so far away from the venue!
I'm following Melanie. She seems to know where the car is. I haven't a clue.

Yup. She zeroed in on it.

Hey! Wait for me!

Traffic is always crazy there. And we were some of the last people to leave.

Note to self: If you wear these...

You will need these!!

This is the new CD by Los Lobos, which was nominated for two Grammy's!
"Tin Can Trust". Available for purchase on their website.

And here is the great ERIC CLAPTON'S website.

My friend Melanie is the namesake for my tiny buddy, Mel-Mel.
You'll find her in several of my posts. If you'd like to read more about her,
just type in Mel-Mel on the top-right of the page. Thanks much ~

There are SO many things to love!
I love "Followers" and comments too!
(Thank you.)

Signing off for now,


  1. Hi,

    nice to see you had a good time!! And that poor cat :(


    Tihana :)

  2. Gabriele, thank you for a wonderful evening, and I didn't even have to wear the shoes. Gorgeous pictures that make you feel the music.
    Other gorgeous pictures that take you into a vibrant and exciting place. I'm exhausted, and I haven't had my coffee yet.

  3. I admire Eric Clapton. Besides being a great musician, he built and helps to support Crossroads in Antigua, a residential program for drug and alcohol treatment. His latest guitar auction raised almost 2 million dollars for scholarships for those who need treatment and can't afford it.

  4. Hey Gabriel, what a night you had! Sounded terrific and loved those great shots you took and shared. You are lucky to be in an area to get to see such talent. Enjoy!
    Put Those shoes to rest!

  5. nice photos - looks like a great concert! it's been a while since i've heard good music live. ya know i tried to see amy winehouse before she blew up and they changed the venue and date on us and we didn't know? super bummed!

    i'm not allowed to wear uncomfy shoes anymore when i go out with john - he's sick of hearing me bitch and moan about walking. good things flats are in style now.=)

    so what do you use to juice your wheatgrass, my dear?

  6. Gabriele: What a neat show and you did a neat job of sharing the excitement of the show.

  7. Eric Clapton!!! WAAAAAhhhhh... I am so jealous! Isn't it cool how these legends just keep getting better and better?? The last time I seen Eric was over 25 years ago-- it was when Stevie Ray Vaughn had just died. Eric sang 'Beautiful Tonight', I just love that. And, love 'Layla' also-- great times, right?

  8. Just Cake Girl, that poor cat still has that cone on his head! xoxo
    Lorna, glad you liked the pics. and had fun. :) xoxo
    Grandmother, I did not know that about Eric. Like him more now!xoxo
    Rita, I do love & appreciate where I am and shoes are resting. :) xoxo
    kelli, would love to see A.W! A big fan of her voice, not her antics:)xoxo
    Fishing Guy, thanks for the compliments.Much appreciated! xoxo
    Joy, you're so right- better & better! Wanted to see Janis Joplin, but she died before I got the chance. Enjoy them while we can! xoxo

  9. Great pictures! Lucky you! I love this band too!!