Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wheatgrass: So Good For You, But Tastes Like Cr**!

That's just my humble opinion. And my taste-buds.
To those of you that scoff at my green-smoothies,
(you know who you are, Mary and Luny:).
You should taste this stuff!
Having said that, some people don't mind the taste.
Because it's so incredibly healthy, I chug-a-lug some every day.
It's supposedly wonderful for pets too.

I buy it from my local market. It's apparently not that difficult to grow it yourself,
but I don't have the room, or the patience.

Usually people hold the top of the grass and cut the bottom with a knife.
But knives freak me out!

So I use my trusted kitchen scissors. And feel safer for it.
(Yeah, yeah - I know I'm a wuss!)

I cut it all and stick it in two freezer-bags. Then it goes into the refrigerator.

I take a handful and give it a little rinse.

This is my juicer. I bought it years ago. Unfortunately, the price has gone up.
Available on, of all places. Remember when they only sold books?
If I can't find an obscure item anywhere, I can usually find it there.
Now I go there first.

I stick some wheatgrass in the chute, with the pointy-tips down.

And let the juicer do its thing.

Look how it grinds every bit of juice, out of those blades of grass!
I pour the juice from the bowl, into the glass, so that I don't waste any.

That thing looks like something the cat hacked-up!
(I bet I made wheatgrass sound even more appealing to you now.)

Here it is, my two ounces of...
Let's just say, "healthy stuff".
After I've emptied the glass of every drop, I chase it down with this....

A big ol' honkin' slice of raw, Chocolate-Raspberry Cake!!
Just kidding!

(I wait a few minutes.)

If any of you are interested in learning more about this, 'healthy stuff',
I highly recommend this book by Ann Wigmore:
I love all things "Ann Wigmore"!! (OK, maybe not the hairdo.)

If I had the time, I would love, love, love to go to either one of these places!!

Or the "Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute" in Puerto Rico.
Healthy eating and gorgeous surroundings - what's not to love?!!

I've used this quote by Ann Wigmore before, but I think it it fits this post as well.
"Think of nourishing the body, rather than eating."

I hope you all enjoy the 'healthy stuff'!!

There are SO many things to love!
I love "Followers" and comments too!
(Thank you!)

Signing off for now,


  1. greeen again..... don't like :/ but the cake :))))) mmmmmmmm, yummy........

  2. I just enjoy coming here and learn something new! I've never heard of wheatgrass, let alone juicing it and drinking it; what can I say but WOW!
    I find the name of your blog just perfect!
    So Many Things to Love. All we have to do is open our minds and look around. Great post.

  3. i love wheat grass juice..if someone else makes it! it looks like you could knit something with the grass after it comes out the juicer! like a coat or a pair of mittens! :D

  4. Helloooo Gabrielle- Well, I know that you are never going to believe this but my hubby and I used to do the raw green/wheat & juice. I do believe it is good for you...however, it is not for me at this point in my life. Besides that all the cows in Wisconsin were crying because I was eating what they loved best. (I'm sure they were-although I never actually saw that happening). We CAN still be friends, can't we? I WILL eat some of that cake with you...can I bring the coffee? Hugs- Diana

  5. i've been reading Ann Wigmore books probably sixteen years and she has very interesting ideas and opinions,,,i practice a few of them but not as often as i should...BTW i can't swallow the rejuvilac, even tho i know its good for you drink it? hugs...christen

  6. Just Cake Girl - Ha! I should have included your name to the list of my commenters that hate the green-stuff! :)
    At least you like the cake!

    Rita, as always, thank you for your kind words!
    I agree about the 'open minds'.
    Again, thank you for the compliments.

    Walls, the thought of wearing that as a coat makes me itch all over! HA! And the smell! OMG!

    NanaDiana, seriously?! You're not pulling my leg, are you?!
    Yes, we can still be friends.
    And how nice that you will have the cake. (Maybe I'll sneak a little wheatgrass in it!!)

    morton-n-friends, I wish I had all of her books, I'm such a fan!
    Funny you should mention Rejuvelac. I just bought the stuff I need to make it!
    I've never tasted it, so I'll let you know.
    I'm a big fan of really sour sauerkraut, so maybe I'll manage to get it down!

    Thank you all for your great comments! I will see you on your blogs!!

  7. Wow...that cake looks scrumptious! Thank you for the very sweet comment you left! Hugs! P.S. nice bloggie you have too!

  8. Yuck.

    No way would I drink grass. No way in heck.

    However, I would eat that cake.

  9. Whispering Writer, I'm glad the cake is appealing to you at least! :)
    It was good, if I do say so myself. Much better than the wheatgrass!
    Thanks for stopping by!

  10. Pam, thanks for stopping by.
    Your most recent post is so much fun! I always love visiting.
    Thanks for the compliments!

  11. WOW, what a juicer! Sounds like the drink would have lots of health benefits. Thanks for the heads up.

    Thanks for stopping by Pittypat Paperie and leaving the nice comment. HOpe you can stop by again sometimes Ÿ

  12. Diane, the benefits are too many to mention, but I don't feel that burst of energy after drinking it, like a do with my green-smoothies.
    Maybe because the green-smoothie is so much larger than the piddly 2 oz. of wheatgrass? I don't know.
    Dr. Ann Wigmore's hair went, from graying, back to her original brown color. Not that *I* have any gray... I'm just sayin'. ;)
    Thanks for commenting, I'll see you on your blog!

  13. Seriously, I love this post! I laughed a few times. And that processed wheatgrass looks like something my cats...well never mind. But my cats LOVE the stuff - one of mine thinks its a snack. He eats wheatgrass happily all the time.

  14. Indie.Tea, Yes! It totally looks like something the cat hacked-up!!
    That's great that your cat likes wheatgrass! So healthy for animals too.
    Thanks for visiting and for the nice compliment!!
    I'll see you on your blog!

  15. Hey, I'd drink that green stuff if I could use that yummy cake as a chaser! ;o

    Hmmmm ... I wonder if that green 'hair ball' can be incorporated into some kind of polymer clay art... Troll hair perhaps, lol!

    Love your post honey. Informative as always and lots of fun to read too!

  16. ha! i get a kick out of your posts. wheatgrass tastes like, well, grass!

    i've been meaning to grow my own... to juice and to feed my cat. i even have the wheat berries. someday!


  17. Good Morning Gabriele!

    I can definitely say that you encouraged me to read Ann's books.
    And I'll be think about wheatgrass juice.
    Sounds very healthy.

    Thank you so much for beautiful, very informative post!

    I'm glad you visited me.

  18. I admire your fortitude with the wheatgrass. I should follow your example, but I know I probably wont. That chocolate raspberry cake on the other hand...

    But a very informative post. You make wheatgrass look almost appealing!

  19. Wow, that looks super healthy. I need to work that into the diet!!

    Sadie at heyMamas

  20. Sadie, are you talking about the wheatgrass, or the CAKE?! ;)

  21. Thank you for the blog love! I'm so glad you found me because not only are you an incredible artist but you are also passionate about health like me! Hooray!! I get so excited when I find exciting new blogs (or they find me!).

    I have wanted to buy fresh wheatgrass for the longest time but don't know where to buy it. The hubby is getting his degree is in horticulture though, so if we can't grow it ourselves his future career might be in trouble. : )

  22. I know a number of people who believe in wheat grass. Whatever you believe in does you good, personally, I believe in chocolate, after all 'chocolate has endorphins, endorphins make you happy, happy people don't shoot their husbands'. What better excuse is there?

    Thank you for your support, I too love comments.

  23. Oh my goodness!! LOL at the wheat grass 'chaser'!! Loved the Halloween pics also. On the one of your son, 'Dolly', I called it before you did! The visual clues were quite 'obvious'! Too fun!

  24. Hi Gabrielle love your site my sister Living Raw put me on to it
    I find it really interesting. will follow and see what you get up to, love the cups and mugs Serena and I love charity shop finds .