Saturday, August 30, 2014

We Love Kale Chips!!

 Especially when they're cheezy!! The good kind of cheesy.

While playing around on the Internet... specifically Facebook, I came across Stacy Stowers' page and saw that she had a book! If you've been following me for awhile, in a non-stalkerish kind of way, you know that I can't pass-up a good book. Nope. Never gonna happen.
I bought the book and love it!! "Eat Raw Not Cooked".

I decided to make those great-sounding "Cheezy Kale Chips" with the "Not-Cho-Cheeze Sauce".
Here are some of the ingredients. I didn't have an orange, so I used a pink grapefruit and a little Stevia to sweeten it up. My faux-orange.

I wasn't gonna write a blog about this, or I would have gotten a little fancier, with more pictures. But I just can't keep my hands off a camera... so I caved.

I'll begin at... After the Kale was de-stemmed and rinsed, I gave it a little spin.

Here is that gloriously-yummy Cheeze Sauce. I poured it on the Kale and smushed it through with my hands. Felt great.

 I placed it on my dehydrator trays. I love my dehydrator! It's an Excalibur, nine-tray.

 The amount of Kale I used, filled up four of the nine trays. Did I mention that I love this dehydrator?

I loved that Cheeze Sauce SO much, that I made extra for dipping! This girl does like a little dip now and then.

I check on the Kale once-in-a-while to see how it's doing. And it never fails... there is always one tray that ends up looking like this. I call it the, "Whodunnit" tray.

I was quite pleased with myself for making a great-tasting batch of Kale Chips this time! I forced my husband to taste them. (He's not a raw-foodist by any means!) He gingerly picked one up, placed it in his mouth, ever-so-gently and said... "They're kind of dry." Dude! They're chips!!

Because I made extra Cheeze Sauce, I was able to munch on healthy stuff all day long! I love those kind of days!!

Thank you Stacy Stowers for such awesome recipes!! I'll be making my way through them all!!

You can buy this wonderful book on Amazon. Or on her website. You won't be sorry!!

There are SO many things to love!
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Thank you!!

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  1. Your posts are always such a joy to look at. Even dehydrators look gorgeous.