Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Chocolate Lover's Dream!

Be still my heart!!!!

Linda couldn't wait!! Licking the 'S' blade from my food-processor!! Seriously?!!
(Do not try this at home!!!!)

This is my good friend, Linda Walker, the fabulous wildlife & western artist. You remember her from my post about our crazy trip to Descanso Gardens, right? Well, she's decided to eat a little healthier than she has been, so I offered to give her a beginners course in raw foods.
"Raw Food 99". She's not ready for 101 yet.
I started her off on a healthy Green Smoothie. It was a hit. (Whew!)

After knowing her for about 28 years,
I had no idea that she's a notorious chocolate licker... er... lover.

Don't ask.




I knew she'd come in handy some day.
Here she is, washing dishes in her new, bling-embellished, "Not Your Daughter's Jeans".
Love the name.

I made a bunch of stuff for our munching pleasure. Desserts, since most people will be more willing to try raw food 'meals', if they like the desserts. (Whatever it takes!)

I made a Chocolate Strawberry Cheese Cake. To match my socks.
My daughters designed the apron for me. "Dessert Diva". Thanks, Girls!!

I chilled the Cheesecake in the freezer while I made some other goodies.
As you can see, Mr. Man isn't into the raw food thing. But he will drink Green Smoothies.
And hasn't turned down a dessert yet.

I made Chocolate Hazelnut Fudge, and little cupcakes from some of the Cheesecake ingredients.

Trying out the cupcake. Such an adoring look. Then she scarfed it down.
Never to be outdone in the dessert chow-down... I had two.

The Cheesecake had set and was ready to eat.

Let's slice that bad boy up!

How about a Chocolate Milkshake and some Chocolate Mousse?
With pistachios and coconut. Mmm, mmm, mmm!!

Linda was the taste-tester for the Chocolate Milkshake.
Now that I think about it... she was the taste-tester for everything! Heyyy!!

Taking a break from stuffing our faces, I had her look through some of my favorite raw food recipe books. (I love books!!!!)

Of course, after looking through this one, we were ready for another little nibble.

These turned out really tasty. Since raw desserts are so nutrient-dense, you're only able to eat a small serving, before you're full. Which is pretty cool. And a good thing.

Linda was getting ready to head out, so we wanted to get some pictures of us together.
Isn't she cute?!

Wait a minute... she really IS cute!!

She's cuter than me! Let's see if I can do something to remedy that.
Tell her something funny...

"Blah, blah, blah, blah blah."

Yeeees... that's it.

How's your hair?

Still cute! Dangit!!

That's enough, Paparazzi!! Girlfriend has to go home now.

But not before she takes some samples with her. I did not have to twist her arm.

I also gave her some raw food DVDs, books, recipes of what we made today...
And a really cool poster about Green Smoothies. (Pure health in a glass!)

I would love, love, LOVE to teach people how to do this!!
To go into their homes and give demonstrations on how to create raw food dishes...

And especially desserts! I mean, who doesn't like desserts?!
I'm taking two, raw food chef classes. One for savory dishes and one for desserts.
I really love showing people a healthy way of eating! And, seriously, it's not all desserts. :)

But I think I'll go have a little bite right now! ~

No stomachs were hurt in the creation of this post. We didn't eat the entire dessert. We only nibbled on everything. Just to let Linda get a taste of the many flavors. Okay, so I ate a couple of cupcakes. And maybe some Chocolate Mousse. And a Chocolate Hazelnut Brownie.
And three strawberries. And a few pistachios.
BUT! We also had some, Zuchini Pasta!! We had VEGETABLES!!!! :-)

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There are SO many things to love!
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Thank you.

Signing off for now,


  1. Sounds and looks like you 2 had a grand time. You were in chocolate heaven; great friends are special; love the she licked the bowl and let you take a picture!

    1. Chocolate heaven is right!! We had that stuff for a couple of days! She's a good egg. I love that she let me take that close-up of her, with the chocolate on her chin. :)

  2. That looks so amzing!! And everything is raw?! I absolutly love it!

    1. Thank you! Yes!! Everything is raw!! The possibilities are endless!! (But, unfortunately, calories are still calories.:)

  3. Wow, what beautiful chocolate creations you two made! Looks like you have found a new dessert partner too ^^ After that grand treatment, I'm sure she'll be hooked for life! :D

    Hugs and Love!!!

    1. Thank you!! Your raw desserts are the best out there, so I really appreciate your comment!! We're getting together again next week and I'm sure there'll be chocolate involved. ;)
      Hugs and Love to you ~

  4. I just SOOOO want to come and hang out in your kitchen! You can take as many pics of me licking bowls out as you wish!! Thanks for the inspiration :-)

    1. That would be fun!! Did I mention that for allowing me to take pictures of you licking the bowls, you get to do the dishes? Great deal, right? :)