Saturday, February 18, 2012

Teenage Girls Live Here

And this is their toy box.

Here's this one. My fourteen year old granddaughter.

And that one. My eighteen year old granddaughter.

Of course I think they're beautiful, even without cosmetics.
Inside and out.

From top...

To bottom.

When they were little, people were always telling them how pretty they were.
I didn't want them to get too full of themselves, so I used to tell them, "It's more important to have a good heart, than to be pretty".
The next time I'd visit them, I'd quiz them by asking, "What's more important than being pretty? This one would always say,
"Having a good heart".

That one would say, with a wicked little smirk on her face,
"To have a good liver".

Oh, how I love my grandbrats!!!!

And this little guy too!

Who's old enough to remember buying Max Factor's, "Erace"?
Not to use as an under-eye concealer, but to wear under our lipstick!
A little strange looking, but hey, it was California in the 60s.
What make-up tricks did you have, back in the day, that you'd never revisit? ~

There are SO many things to love!
I love "Followers" and comments too!
Thank you.

Signing off for now,


  1. Your grands are all cute kids! Great post- I wore WHITE lipstick in the 60's..and micro mini skirts (shame on me) xo Diana

    1. Ohhh, Diana! You were even more daring than me!! :)
      Thanks for the kind words.

  2. Of course I remember Max Factor and the 60s, my teenage years were in the 50s...meaning I am really old.
    Your girls are so cute; just like their Grandmother.

    1. Rita, thank you. Hey, we may be old, but we got to see all the cool bands!! :)

  3. Only one of my granddaughters is at the stage where cosmetics are hard-wired. Yours are lovely, top to toe

    1. Lorna, they grow too fast, don't they? It seems only yesterday that we were reading bedtime stories to them. :(
      But every stage is wonderful. The trick is just to take the time to enjoy it all! Great memories for later!
      Thanks for the compliment, my friend.

  4. Your girls are such beauties, with so much life and joy in their faces. They have a great grandmother and they know it! Hugs.

    1. Angella, thank you for your kind words!
      Always love when you pop in here for a visit.
      Missed you lately. :(

  5. Loving teenagers and all their behaviors as they move toward independence is so important to them. It's an essential grandmother role, so good for you!