Friday, January 21, 2011

Home Again, Home Again - And Missing Everyone Already

I was visiting family in Atlanta, during the recent snow storm.
What's wrong with me?! (The snow part, not the family.)

As beautiful as snow makes the surroundings look -
Gimme my California sunshine and high temperatures!
Of course, now I miss everyone already. :(

Two of my grandbrats.

And another one.

And her again.

But wait -
There's more.

Here's my gorgeous pal -
Mom of the two blonde brats.

Speaking of...

Here's one -
Really, really concentrating on his new "DSI".
(Love the toes.)

Love the hair too.
And the kid.
And all of the screamin' brats!!

This one already knows the "I can't heeear youuu." ??!
How'd that happen?! Trouble's on the horizon!

Here they are, visiting me in my room...
Oh, did I mention that I was sick with Bronchitis for the holidays?
A real bummer.

They had a birthday party for me, at my bedside.
Oh, did I mention that I was sick with Bronchitis for my birthday?
Double bummer.
BUT, a cheesecake from the "Cheese Cake Factory" took my mind off of it!

So did these.
No, I didn't share!
As some of you know, I'm a raw-foodist, supposedly eating only healthy things.
BUT, I'm also a sugar-addict, so once I get started - look out!!
(In their defense, they didn't get me started.
I'd already hit the little corner store for my sugar-fix, days before the cake arrived.)

I bought and ate junk-food until the day it was time to leave.
Here's what I had at the airport.
Not too bad?
Well, I had two.
One before my flight and one before my connecting flight.

How beautiful is that?!
I woke up from a power-nap and thought, "Look at all that snow!" Duh.

During the flight I had these.
Two bags.
They're small.

And these.
My last hoorah, before getting back home and having this...

Greens, greens, and more greens!!!!

And my healthy green-smoothies!


So, I got home and was telling my husband about the four donuts, I ate at one sitting. :-*
The next day he surprised me with these...

Did I say, "No"? Of course not!
Did I share? Of course not!
Sugar-addiction is a terrible thing.
While I was sick and in the hospital, I'd lost seven pounds.
When I got home -
I'd gained six and a half of them back!
Sugar-addiction is a terrible thing.

Now, it's back to these babies, when I want something sweet!
(These don't give me headaches, or an upset stomach, or make me feel all spacey and stupid!)

Speaking of 'something sweet' -
This was the last little face I saw (my shadow!) before I left Atlanta.
(She was supposed to stay in bed. :)

I love and miss them!!

"In two decades I've lost a total of 789 pounds.
I should be hanging from a charm bracelet."
- Erma Bombeck

"Just think of all the women on the Titanic that said,
'No thank you' to dessert that night".
- Erma Bombeck

"Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died."
- Erma Bombeck

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  1. Oh I love this post. You are too funny. Enjoyed the wonderful pictures too. I too am a sugar addict. So glad you are doing better. Take care. :)

  2. What a lovely post; thank you for sharing your family pictures. I also was impressed with the paintings of Gabriele agustini; you are so talented. I am a fan of Erma Bonbeck, I enjoyed your quotes. Happy belated Birthday! Hope you are feeling better.

  3. Janet & Rita -
    Thanks for the kind words. Your comments are much appreciated.
    Sugar-addiction is not fun. A hard habit to kick!
    Glad you like my paintings!!
    I love Erma!
    Thanks for the birthday wish and yes, I'm feeling much better.

  4. How did I miss this post? thank goodness I checked in and found out about all your good and badness, a lot of which you share with Dave, my husband. He's the only person I know who could make a chocolate cake from the steps of a cross-trainer, if he could just figure out the logistics. Lovely children, beautiful peaches. Happy belated birthday

  5. Gabreile: That was a neat post from your trip and family. A belated happy birthday wish to you. It is always great to spend it with family.

  6. Lorna & Fishing Guy,
    Thanks for commenting and for the compliments.
    I appreciate them.
    And the birthday wishes too.
    When Dave makes that chocolate cake, Lorna,
    bring me a piece! :]

  7. i love you Gabriele! you are so real. I think I will try to climb up onto that wagon with you!

    I know you miss all those sweet faces. Oh, they are precious.

  8. Goodness! So many things to love in this post! Your inability to abstain from the sugary goodies, your absolutely beautiful family (I can't get over the gorgeous hair and eyes on all of them), the lovely paintings and your awesome return to the food that's good for you. So fun, so real, so you! Love it, Gabriele. Welcome home!

  9. glad you had fun but sorry you were sick. maybe it was a combo of junkfood and grandbrat germs.=)

    love the toes, too. your family is adorable!


  10. DEFINITELY NEW SET OF GERMS! What is the mathematical probability that you would visit Atlanta during their once annual snowstorm? Of course you did increase your odds by going during January!

  11. Aren't those grandbrats too gorgeous! I feel like you and start to miss them the minute I leave. I find it hard having some in NZ and some in the UK.

    I hear you loud and clear re the snow.....I just left 28 degrees of beeeoootiful weather in NZ to come back to 6 degrees and less in the UK.

    Love your posts!

  12. Sounds like a fun visit with your beautiful grands. My chance to pig out is limited since my daughter and family have an organic garden to supply their menu options. Lucky me!

  13. Angella,
    Right back at you!!
    Thanks for all of your sweet comments!!
    Sending much love -

  14. Lisa,
    Thank you so much for the wonderful compliments!!
    They are very much appreciated! As are you!

  15. kelli,
    Thanks much!
    Yes, you're right there - Kid germs!!
    They were sick when I got there and that's all it took!
    But it was all worth it, just to see them again. :]

  16. Lora,
    Yup! You're right.
    I snuggled with the grandbrats while they had a fever and were coughing,
    so I shouldn't have been surprised when I got sick too!
    Home now, feeling good - but missing them something awful. :(

  17. Rena,
    Thanks so much for the compliment!
    Sorry to hear that your grandkids live far away too!
    That's just not fair, is it?!
    And the snow and freezing weather...

  18. Grandmother,
    Oh that's not fair, is it?! An organic garden! HA!
    Of course, I'd love that!! But it's not everyone's cup-of-tea. :)
    Always good to read your comments!

  19. loved this post. a lot of people have sugar addictions. even addictions to food period! your comment about the adult diaper made me LOL haha, I have a FOOLPROOF way to open a coconut. I was going to make a post about it soon so wait out!!
    Hope you are feeling a lot better. When I feel like I need to gorge on something I usually tell myself I can have it, and I can have AS MUCH as I want. Visualize however much it is that you want. I think it's about taking it slow, because once you have a thought in your head, it's almost an unconscious thing to reach for the bad food. So talk to yourself, and slowly debate, and do this AWAY from the kitchen :D

    -Amy :)

  20. Amy,
    Yes, lot's of people with sugar addictions. Unfortunately, my youngest son has it too. One of the side effects, for my daughter and myself, is that it makes us bitchy the day after consumption! Seriously!
    I'll have to try your 'visualization tactic. Thanks for that tip.
    If I have raw desserts, I don't crave the crap!! :)
    As always, thanks for your comment!!