Thursday, April 29, 2010

Road Trip!!

I LOVE road trips!!!!
I could easily be a trucker, if it wasn't for the heavy lifting, and the fact that I'm lazy.
But the driving - ohhh, yeah!!

This time I'll be sharing the driving with my youngest son.
Actually, he'll probably do most of it, since he loves to drive too.
I'll just sit and take pictures - and eat! That's half the fun of a road trip, isn't it?
But first he's got my mile long "to-do" list, that he's working his way through!
(Thank you!!)

My feisty little buddy, Mel-Mel, will be going along for the ride.
I've never taken her with me before, so we'll see how she behaves.

We're driving from California aaaall the way to Georgia!
My husband and I gave our son my favorite van (ever!)
which I've had for 15 years and which never gave me a moment of grief!

I was SO sad that I had to part with her, but knowing she's going to a family member,
and that I'll have visitation rights, makes it a little easier. (A little!)

We'll be cranking up the music of Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson.
Especially Willie's "On The Road Again"! And anything by Merle!!
Oh! Merle's got a new CD out! "I Am What I Am"- and we love it!!
My youngest daughter and I had the privilege of meeting both of these entertainers.
What an exciting moment for a couple of huge fans!!

And no road trip is complete without the rockin' sound of Los Lobos!!

OK - I leave you now with the words of The Terminator -
"I'll be back". (In time for Mother's Day!)

Signing off for now,


  1. Just don't let Mel Mel read in the car - she gets violently carsick! Also, cover your ears if there are bad drivers around, as road rage brings out her extreme potty mouth. Oh, and of course, the cardinal rules: Keep her out of bright light,don't get water on her, and don't feed her after midnight.

  2. I love that photo of your hugging the van.