Friday, April 23, 2010

Mac, Bo Bo And The Sanitation Man

This is Mac, my family's pet.
He was a rescued dog - found on the freeway and publicized on TV!

He's a hyper little dog, and truth be told, kind of a pain in the neck!
My son-in-law has a much lower opinion of him, but we love him nonetheless.
(The dog too.)

Mac's favorite spot in the house is on his pillow, or beanbag, by a low window -
Where he sits and barks at anything that drives by, runs by, walks by,
or flies by.
(He has to be chained when someone comes to visit, or he'll lick them to death.)

If someone is in the kitchen, he's always under-foot!
Step right, he's there. Step left, he's there. Step back... well, you get the picture.
I can't count the times I've tripped over him and I can't repeat the words that have come out of my mouth.

Several years ago, one of my daughters gave him a doggie-toy for Christmas,
which she named "Bo Bo".
It's a puppet.
Which, now that I think about it, is kind of a weird item to make for a dog.
Or do some people actually put on puppet-shows for their dogs?!
If so, where are these people and please hide me from them.

Mac loves, loves, LOVES his Bo Bo!
Whenever a family member comes home, he grabs it with his teeth and runs to greet them!
For every "happy-Mac-moment" Bo Bo has been given a slobbery run around the house.
And no matter where he's sleeping, that toy is nearby.

My daughter's been buying that same doggie-toy for three or four years,
but suddenly, they're no longer being sold!
Every time either one of us goes into a store that sells dog-toys, we rummage through them, hoping to find another Bo Bo!
But, so far, no such luck.

I can almost hear him now -
"WHAT?! This is the last Bo Bo?!! I'm never looking at you again!!
I hate you!!
But you'll still feed me, right?"

The last time I went looking in a store, I came across "The Sanitation Man" dog-toy.
You know how some things "speak to you", or "call your name"?
Well, this guy "reached for me".

See! Not kidding.

I was so excited to give him to Mac, but he wanted nothing to do with it!
He gave him a sniff and walked away.
Hey, Mac?! Don't you bark at the sanitation guys when they wake you at six in the morning?!
Don't you want a piece of him?!
Maybe he would have liked a mailman instead.

What will happen when Bo Bo is down to a few fibers?! Doggie dental floss?

If anyone comes across this toy somewhere, would you please let me know?!!
Mac would sure be a happy mutt!

In case you're wondering what happened to "The Sanitation Man" -
He lives at MY house now!

I always did like a guy with a hairy chest. And he's always there with a hug!

In Loving Memory of Buddy -

And Nina.

We miss you and will love you forever.

Signing off for now,

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