Sunday, January 13, 2013

Footsteps In The Snow

 I love this ethereal photograph. It's of my father's and grandfather's final resting place.

It was taken on a rainy day. With a phone. With a wet phone.

And this is my paternal grandmother's grave.

 They're in a cemetery in Europe, so I can't visit them.

But this wonderful man does! Our "angel-on-earth"!
Here he is tending to my grandmother's new grave.
We found each other years ago, on a genealogy site, when I was looking for information about my European family. (He's also the guy taking pictures with the wet phone.)

He's taken it upon himself to visit the graves... leaving flowers, candles and prayers, in my name.
Here he is tending to my father's and grandfather's grave.
(His beautiful wife goes along sometimes and takes the pictures of him. Thank you!)

This was my grandmothers grave, forgotten and hidden for many, many years.
Until our angel-on-earth found it!! He searched that huge cemetery from all sides, looking for the correct number. There was nothing! But he didn't give up! He rolled up his sleeves... and on his knees, began moving shrubbery and weeds around. And there it was!!!! 
I cried my eyes out when he sent me this picture and the great news!!
(She's since been moved to that other location.)

My father passed away before my grandfather, at the too, too young age of thirty-seven.
I can't even tell you how that breaks my heart.
My grandfather commissioned a sculptor to create that beautiful piece... a head of a weeping angel.

 I'm fascinated with the way the elements have changed its look.

 Getting darker and darker with age.

But it's all well taken care of. And they're not forgotten by me.

 I send him little love-notes to put on their graves. On those pink, paper hearts. :)

Thank you for all that you do, for my family and myself!!!! 
You have changed our lives!!!!

(He even translated all of their letters, which I couldn't read!! But that's another story for another day.)

There are SO many things to love!
I love comments and Followers too!
Thank you.

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  1. What a lovely story! One of the heartbreaks of my life is the terrible upkeep of the cemetery where my parents are buried.I would love to move them, but no one else in the family agrees, and they're probably right. My parents made that choice, it's the cemetery of the church they attended for 30 years, and they're always close to my heart, but when I go there, it hurts.

    1. Even though their souls are no longer in there, it does still matter to us what the graves look like, doesn't it?
      I can understand your feelings, Lorna.
      I never knew my father, grandfather or grandmother, but I carry them with me in my heart. It's all we can do.

  2. What a sweet story and sweet, dear man. Such simple service that means so much to loved ones. It must be a great comfort to you.

  3. Thank you, Barb. And yes, yes he is. He will never know how much we appreciate him and all that he does!!