Sunday, August 14, 2011

Teaching Kids New Tricks

During a recent visit to Georgia, I bought my eight year old granddaughter a bag for her new yarn, crochet and knitting needles. I'll do anything to keep things tidy and in one place.
Hopefully, to be found again later, before the kid gets married and leaves home.

Some of her favorite colors.

It was pretty slim-pickens for boy colors, but I wanted my six year old grandbrat to give it a shot too, so I picked this blue.

Last year, I showed them how to knit, which wasn't an easy feat. I figured wielding just one weapon... er... needle, might be easier.

Here's this one, getting a feel for it.

I think she liked it!!

Oh, yeah!

Please ignore the blue painters tape. This room is always being redone.
Maybe they were hoping I'd do it. Yeah. Like that was gonna happen. I was there to play with the grandbrats. And play we did!

I love the expressions on her face.

Such a sweet smile.

I think when I'm crocheting, I have a disturbing pinched look on my face.
(That's being kind.)

She picked up speed and wouldn't stop. She was 'hooked'. Pun intended.

Finally that one was ready to give it a shot.

He was a real sport and tried.

And tried.

I'd started it off for him, so he would get an idea of how it's done and what it's supposed to look like.

It never looked like that again.

He wanted to know if instead of blue, they sold 'camouflage' yarn.

'Cause he's a tough-guy, after all!
I told him I'd never seen it anywhere.

The next time we went shopping, look what caught his eye in the yarn section!
Camouflage yarn. Who knew?

There's never a dull moment with this kid.

Same shirt, but a different day and a different location.

She even has two crocheted bracelets.

Her idea was to crochet a big ol' honkin' rope that reached all the way to her mailbox!

She thinks she's getting close!

Another day... and many, many, many more stitches!

She wanted to see how far she'd gotten.

Pretty far.

Pretty darn far!

Not quite to the mailbox yet...

But pretty darn close!! Tomorrow's another day, kid. Awesome job!!

I got the urge too, so I made these little accessories for the otherwise naked bear.
Besides, those guys were busy crocheting and I had nobody to play with!

There are SO many things to love!
I love "Followers" and comments too!
Thank you.

Signing off for now,


  1. So cute. Maybe you could teach me.
    She could make a great scraf with all that link. Love the camo yarn. Love grandkids, don't you?

  2. Debby,
    You bet! Grandkids are the best!!

  3. LOVE the pic with grandson and shopping cart!

  4. How great to turn your grands on to crocheting! Or anything they can do with their hands and feel good about. Brava, Gabriele!

  5. glad I read Dimple; I thought the shopping cart was a cage. Tough little guy, isn't he? I've also tried the crochet thing, with results that break the eardrum. they do make jewellery though.

  6. Beautiful pictures. I wished I could knit and crochet. I've tried it, but my fingers are all thumbs:)

    Have a lovely weekend my friend!
    Gaby xo

  7. THIS is exactly what grandmas are for. And what makes you such an awesome one. Great photos of your lovelies having a great time with their new craft.

    I crocheted a bit in my day ... okay, last time was about 27 years ago. I think I'd be much better at it if YOU taught me. And I'd really like to learn to knit one day. Seems to much for my brain, needing to use two needles and all. Maybe one day....

  8. You are the Best Grandma around and now giving me the urge to get my crochet out of my bag; it has been a while. I used to love it...the computer arrived and my mind went elswhere. Kind of sad.

  9. Thank you all for the wonderful comments!! I always love reading them SO much!! I only knit or crochet when I'm with the grandbrats, so it's great fun for me too. Yes, between computers and all the other modern, time-consuming things, kids don't get many chances to learn the simpler things in life. That's why God made grandparents. :)
    Hugs to you all ~

  10. wow!!!!! i love your blog and i feel like i know your grandkids!! so adorable!

  11. Hi gaby love your blogs i am settled know so more blogging I hope .