Tuesday, July 19, 2011

I Love To Read

And so does this one. A lot!

She's my eight year old granddaughter.
These pictures were taken last year, right after I gave her a little book-light.

I didn't think she'd ever go to sleep! (Something I really wanted to do.)

She also likes doing a bit of reading at the doctor's office.

And at the dentist's office, to her proud Dad.

But there's nothing better than a bedtime story.

Especially if you read it yourself...

And people are waiting for you to go to sleep.

At last!
Sweet dreams, precious girl. ~

There are SO many things to love!
I love "Followers" and comments too!
Thank you.

Signing off for now,


  1. Nothing pleases my more that seeing my grandchildren read gabriele; my 2 youngest; 14 & 16 are book worms and I counld't be happier. She is adorable; thank you for sharing.

  2. She's lovely - and she's starting out on the right foot. Reading is so important for developing mind, imagination and communication skills - never can a child read too much.

  3. You can see her love of reading! What a cool grandmother you are, giving her a book light. Love to you, dear Gabriele!

  4. You got it right; I gave my granddaughters book lights on clips. They wore them to bed clipped to their jammies. Luckily they don't need incentives from me to be booklovers. they come by it honestly from their mum (which means kudos to me) and their dad.

    shes's a lovely child, and I loved to see how seriously she was tracking Barbie.

  5. Oh, that was so sweet. I am so glad she loves to read. I have said, if you can read, you can learn to do anything. Reading opens the world to anyone. I used to read under the covers with a flashlight!