Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Jacks. Just Jacks.

Jacks! I love 'em!! I played them as a kid and could really kick-butt.

I taught my oldest granddaughters how to play and now they kick my butt!
We play an hour before it's time for me to catch my flight back to California.
It makes a sad time a little happier for me. (Unless I lose.)

It's such a family tradition now, that they even bought me a Jacks necklace!
(It came in that special little 'blue' box!! Woohoo!!:)

Unfortunately, the oldest one couldn't play this time, because she had a guitar lesson.
So she said. The next time I'm smelling her breath for powdered sugar.

Okay, so it was just this one and myself. Heeere we go!!

Ptttth!! Not a great roll for onesies.

I gave her another shot at it and she was very appreciative. See the face?
Actually, now that I look at it, it's a little on the devious side. Hmmm.
(There's a sucker born every minute.)

Much better.

Then twosies.

Easy there, kid!


Grab 'em!!

The ball got away from her and it's my turn. Finally!

So excited!

One... one... one...

one... one... one.

Two... two... two...


That smile was short-lived.

It's her turn again and she's winning... so far.

Concentrate on that ball!

She likes knowing she's winning.

It's fun.

Reach for 'em!

Grab 'em!!

Getting down to business now!

Another round for the kid.


Jacks. Such a fast-moving game!!

Well, she won after fivesies. But I was a good loser. (I'm getting used to it.)
A few more photos of the rest of the family and myself, and off to the airport I went.
But I'll be back soon for another game! (Don't practice, guys!!)

And since I know my younger grandchildren are reading this...
I promise to teach you how to play, as soon as you get a little older!
(So you can kick my butt too.)

There are SO many things to love!
I love "Followers" and comments too!
(Thank you.)

Signing off for now,


  1. looks so fun!!!

    thanks for your comment: THE BEETS KILLED ME. but actually, I was fine about 4 hours later. It was a long four hours though..I am going to try juicing them, that's how I always had them, and they are MUCH easier to drink, in fact I enjoy the juice (strained).

  2. What a beautiful post full of love; great photos; now I will tell you something that will probably surprise you. I have never played Jacks, don't know Jacks and have no idea what kind of a game it is, but ist sure looks like fun. Hope you had a nice back home trip.

  3. Last summer, my niece taught the nieces and nephews of the next generation how to play jacks and they loved it. At Christmas, among all the high tech games, my grands favorite was pick up sticks- really! I taught them how and they never looked back and I never won. Simple games can be great fun!

  4. Gabriele- Never teach teh kids a game you don't want to be beat at!!! I always loved Jacks too! Would you believe that I just bought all three little girls jacks for their Easter baskets that the bunny leaves at my house for them?! They are all pastel!!! and cute!! The jacks AND the girls!! fun pictures, Gabriele! xxoo Diana

  5. Great picture, you two really had fun! I never played this game, it sounds like fun!!

  6. I loved playing jacks, and still do, but I didn't do well as a kid, and as an adult, I sucked progressively. One of my granddaughters is getting to the jacks age, so maybe I'll have a chance to concede gracefully once again.

  7. I used to play jacks with my grandma too!! This post makes me all kinds of happy! : D Thank you for sharing!

  8. I just loved playing jacks. I need you to email me your email address so I can send you an invite to my blog as I have had to make it more private. That way you can except it and continue to read it. mjmmcwhorter@aol.com

  9. What a great tradition. And an awesome photo essay! I *love* that jack necklace. Lovely girls, lovely grandma. You make me smile ... again!!

  10. Ah, Gabriele, this brought back so many carefree memories. I used to be pretty good at jacks! You make me want to try again now. Look like you all had a lovely time. Hugs.