Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Demise And Resurrection Of Mel-Mel

This is my little friend, Mel-Mel.
Or, so I thought.

In a recent conversation with a sales clerk, she happened to mention
that my "Mel-Mel" was actually a very popular cartoon character.
WHAAAAT?!! Say it isn't SO!!
But it is.

Knowing this, I can't let her play in my blog anymore. :(
And that makes me really, really - really sad.

We've had many fun adventures together!

Some, more fun than others.

We've met some very interesting characters along the way.

She's had her share of junk-food.

And she's been very helpful...

on several occasions.

But, now it's time to let her go.

"I wish you a fond farewell. Go forth and be a STAR!"

(But you'll always be little "Mel-Mel" to me.)

As she drove away and I wiped a tear from my eye, a thought occurred -


Signing off for now,
gabriele & Mel-Mel

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