Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Easter!

(Do not try this at home!)

Recently, while standing in line at the store, a woman in front of me
was buying a box of "Peeps".
A woman behind me said to her,
"Did you ever explode them in the microwave?".
(Say WHAAAT?!)
The woman in front, looking puzzled said, "Uh... no.".
The woman behind me said,
"They don't really explode, they just melt into puddles.".
Woman in front, "Doesn't it make a mess?".
Woman behind me,
"No, I put them in plastic baggies first. That's the only reason I buy them, to blow them up.".

How disturbing.
How could anyone do that to a sweet, defenseless Peep?!
Just look at that little face!

Oh... wait a minute... they're marshmallow and people eat them.
Never mind.

As some of you may know, I love, love, LOVE chocolate!!
So, I have to admit, that when I look at these foil-covered rabbit decorations,
they look SO much like the real-deal, that it drives me nuts!
(Even though I KNOW they're not!)

Imagination - it's a powerful thing.
(I'm imagining myself biting those ears off, right now!! Gimme those eeears!!)

After writing this post, I was so hungry for chocolate, that I made myself
a raw-food Chocolate Mousse! Ohhhh yeaaahhh!
(No picture available. Gone too fast.)

Have a wonderful Easter! (Don't nuke the Peeps.)

Signing off for now,


  1. Okay, now I have a perverse desire to nuke a Peep. I've never heard of that before, I wonder if they make an explody sound, or something?

    They are cute.

  2. Oh, you naughty girl!! :)

    The sound they probably make is "Heeeeeelp!!!!"

    They are cute. Mine even has a freckle on its beak. :)